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New cancer research center in Astana: Cancer early detection 30 января 2014, 22:20

A new cancer center in Astana will provide diagnose of cancer at early stages.
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©Marat Abilov ©Marat Abilov
A new cancer center will be constructed in Astana to step up detection of cancer at early stages in Kazakhstan. Kennet Alibek, Chairman of Kazakhstan's National Medical Holding, told about the new cancer center in an interview to Tengrinews. In his 2012 State-of-the-Nation Address President Nazarbayev instructed the officials to develop a program in cancer research and treatment and open a cancer center. The officials took two years to develop a comprehensive cancer project. The area for the new National Center of Cancer Research (NCCR) has already been prepared for the construction that will start in the first quarter of 2014. The center will be put into service in the third quarter of 2016. An Austrian construction firm that specializes in building medical facilities is responsible for construction of the center in Astana. The new hospital will be large enough to accommodate 300 patients and 200 outpatients a day. “The NCCR is designed to integrate an inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, research center for clinical and nonclinical studies and a facility for patients from remote areas and their escort to stay in,” Kennet said. The new center will be furnished with the state-of-the art equipment that has proved itself in best cancer centers around the world. The NCCR will also create jobs for over a thousand of medical professionals. Kazakhstan has already started training cancer doctors in new technologies and methods. According to the Chairman of the National Medical Holding, preparations for genetic research of liver and lungs cancer are also underway. In addition, the doctors are getting ready to start a project on early detection of breast cancer. Kazakhstan cancer doctors are focusing on finding new methods of cancer treatment and are planning to conduct international clinical tests in future. “The goals of the National Science Cancer Center are to develop early diagnostics, reduce cancer mortality rates and increase the life expectancy of Kazakhstanis, ” Kennet concluded. Reporting by Assel Satayeva

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