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09.03.2016 00:14 Crime
A Dutchman dubbed the 'dentist of horror' went on trial after causing horrific injuries to the mouths of more than 100 patients in France.
09.01.2015 20:21 Health
Diabetes often causes complications that lead to nearly 5,000 amputations every year in Kazakhstan.
06.10.2014 18:30 Politics
A Member of the Kazakhstan Parliament demanded to urgently ban methadone from being used in Kazakhstan.
06.08.2014 13:22 Health
Daily, long-term doses of aspirin can slash the risk of cancer of the digestive tract.
01.08.2014 13:14 Health
A recreational therapist from Pavlodar Alexander Myakota invented exercising equipment to treat infantile cerebral palsy (ICP).
23.05.2014 20:01 Health
Japanese scientist presented a research on tissues and bones repair in Astana.
29.04.2014 14:59 Crime
The mayor of Kharkiv, who was left in critical condition after being shot in the back by an unknown assailant, has been flown to Israel for treatment, local officials said.
30.01.2014 22:20 Health
A new cancer center in Astana will provide diagnose of cancer at early stages.
24.10.2013 15:50 Health
A little girl who was treated for HIV shortly after birth still shows no sign of infection at age three, suggesting her apparent cure was not a fluke.
20.09.2013 17:47 Health
Scientists have a new lead on a possible treatment to slow Alzheimer's disease by targeting a protein involved in limiting flexibility in the aging brain.
22.08.2013 17:44 Health
A new treatment could offer relief to those with the inflammatory bowel conditions Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
07.08.2013 14:33 Cinema, Music
US actor Dustin Hoffman has undergone successful treatment for cancer.
31.05.2013 16:52 Health
Tamiflu, the frontline treatment for influenza, offers no benefit for patients if it is administered in double the normal dose.
30.04.2013 10:52 Cinema, Music
Oscar-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones on Monday headed back into treatment for bipolar disorder.
15.04.2013 13:21 People
Germany is due Monday to send a specially-equipped military aircraft to bring more than 30 people seriously wounded in the Syrian conflict for treatment in the country.
12.04.2013 11:33 Cinema, Music
Malawi has launched a stinging attack on US pop icon Madonna, accusing her of expecting "gratitude" and VIP treatment during a visit last week to her charity work in the southern African country.
11.03.2013 12:15 Health
A single dose of an experimental anti-inflammatory treatment reduces heart muscle damage during an angioplasty operation to open blocked arteries.
07.03.2013 14:46 Health
Scientists said Thursday they had, for the first time, helped women with severe anorexia through electrodes implanted into their brains.
04.03.2013 11:17 Health
Researchers said Sunday they had, for the first time, cured a baby born with HIV -- a development that could help improve treatment of babies infected at birth.
28.02.2013 17:18 Health
Morning sickness is an all-too-common side effect of pregnancy, and a new study out Wednesday said a medication used to treat the most serious cases is safe for fetuses.
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