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19.08.2014 10:17 Crime
Community Health Systems said that hackers likely from China broke into its systems and stole identification data for 4.5 million patients.
04.06.2014 10:09 Health
Immunotherapy has made great strides against cancers like melanoma that were once believed incurable, though scientists still do not understand why it works well in some cases but not others.
28.05.2014 11:17 Emergencies
A fire swept through a South Korean hospice for elderly, infirm patients early Wednesday, killing 21 people in what police said appeared to be an act of arson by an 81-year-old Alzheimer's sufferer.
25.04.2014 11:26 Health
Aspirin can reduce the risk of colon cancer by half, but only in people who carry high levels of a specific type of gene, a study found.
14.04.2014 20:58 Health
A woman who underwent fertility treatment at a clinic in Rome became pregnant with the twins of another couple after their embryos were mixed up, press reports said.
29.03.2014 11:14 Health
A male nurse has been charged with the murder of three patients who were poisoned with contaminated medical products at a British hospital, police said.
20.03.2014 15:32 Health
While the team or doctors and scientist is working in Kalachi village to determine what is causing the mysterious sleep syndrome, one more patient has fallen asleep.
07.02.2014 11:02 Health
For a year, the patient suffered from a range of worsening symptoms that left doctors stumped.
30.01.2014 22:20 Health
A new cancer center in Astana will provide diagnose of cancer at early stages.
22.01.2014 10:22 Cinema, Music
It won't cure dementia or Alzheimer's disease, but music can nevertheless help sufferers "wake up" their memories, reveals a moving documentary presented at the Sundance Film Festival.
05.12.2013 11:50 Health
A drug used to treat advanced breast and colorectal cancers has been linked to sometimes fatal skin reactions in patients, its Swiss manufacturer and Canadian health officials said Wednesday.
27.08.2012 13:16 Strange News
A French tourist was in an Australian hospital Monday with burns after a fellow traveller allegedly set fire to his fancy dress costume which was made of toilet paper.