life expectancy

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22.09.2014 16:47 Politics
The Speaker of Kazakhstan's Senate said that there are plans to significanly improve life in the country. By 2050, the country has the chance of becoming one of the safest and comfortable countries.
12.05.2014 14:46 Health
Anopheles claviger, a malaria mosquito species uncommon for Kazakhstan, has been spotted in the wetlands near Astana.
30.01.2014 22:20 Health
A new cancer center in Astana will provide diagnose of cancer at early stages.
27.11.2013 14:14 Health
The average life expectancy in Kazakhstan in 2012 stood at 69.6 years.
15.11.2012 13:56 People
Gulshara Abdykalikova talked about unbalanced demographic development of the country.
04.05.2012 18:33 Health
According to Dzharbussynov Scientific Center of Urinology, 12 people (8 men and 4 women) have applied to the Center for such surgery in 20 years.
18.08.2011 19:22 Kazakhstan
Every third Kazakhstan woman over 50 and every fifth man over 70 suffer from osteoporosis.