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12.05.2016 14:45 Environment
Over 80 percent of the world's city dwellers breathe poor quality air, increasing their risk of lung cancer and other diseases: WHO
08.03.2016 23:59 Health
The EU postponed a decision to extend the approval of a key weedkiller for another 15 years amid an uproar that it may cause cancer.
27.10.2015 13:12 Health
The UN's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned that processed meats like sausages and ham cause bowel cancer, and red meat "probably" does too.
21.10.2015 15:10 Health
In a controversial shift, a leading US medical association urged women to wait until the age of 45 before getting an annual mammogram to screen for breast cancer.
29.09.2015 10:44 Health
Fewer than a quarter of the 15 million people diagnosed with cancer worldwide this year have access to safe and proper surgery.
18.08.2015 14:15 Health
Being overweight more than doubles the risk of bowel cancer in people with a certain gene disorder, but a regular dose of aspirin can reverse the trend.
13.08.2015 13:52 People
Former US president Jimmy Carter said that recent liver surgery has shown he has cancer, and that it has spread.
22.07.2015 19:06 People
Having worked at Barclays for half a year, a programmer from Kazakhstan Askhat Murzabayev earned a little over $2 million and donated the money to the International Cancer Research Center.
14.04.2015 10:16 Science, Technologies
A new device that can be added to a smartphone may be able to accurately and cheaply diagnose cancer, a technology which could be useful in remote areas.
10.04.2015 11:41 Health
The case of Ashya King, whose parents removed him from a British hospital, put the health service in an "impossible position", one of his doctors has said.
21.03.2015 14:46 Health
Chief Oncologist of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development Kuanysh Nurgaviyev has reported on positive trends in the oncological situation in Kazakhstan and explained the increase of new cancer cases.
03.12.2014 13:43 Health
The WHO introduced new cervical cancer guidelines, making it easier and cheaper to protect women against one of the deadliest, but most preventable, diseases.
02.12.2014 14:34 Health
International researchers said they have made steps toward understanding why the most commonly used drugs for osteoporosis worldwide may also prevent some kinds of cancers.
29.10.2014 14:04 Entertainment, Style
Oscar-nominated Australian actor Hugh Jackman has been treated for skin cancer for a third time in a year.
03.10.2014 16:14 Health
Oncologist Nasrulla Shanazarov reported on the state of oncological help in Kazakhstan at the recent International Oncological Symposium.
29.09.2014 10:00 Science, Technologies
A drug developed by Swiss giant Roche to treat an aggressive form of breast cancer has been shown to extend patients' lives by almost 16 months.
24.09.2014 15:24 People
Doctors have given a clean bill of health to Nepal's Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, following successful radiotherapy for lung cancer.
04.09.2014 14:20 Science, Technologies
Airline pilots and cabin crew are twice as likely to suffer from skin cancer because of regular exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.
21.08.2014 11:13 Health
International researchers said Wednesday the toxic injections might also be able to stop cancer in its tracks, at least temporarily.
14.08.2014 13:26 Health
Being overweight boosts the risk of 10 common cancers, said a study of UK adults that prompted a call for tougher anti-obesity measures.
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