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16.11.2016 23:08 Health
The number of people across the globe suffering from high blood pressure has almost doubled over the past four decades.
06.09.2016 17:23 Health
Microscopic particles, possibly from air pollution, have been found in human brain tissue, according to a new study into Alzheimer's risk.
01.09.2016 13:20 Science, Technologies
Life on Earth is even older than we though - fossils dating back a staggering 3.7 billion years have been discovered.
08.06.2016 16:53 Science, Technologies
The prevailing theory that mammals only flourished after an asteroid strike wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago is doubly wrong.
28.04.2016 17:54 Science, Technologies
Japan is abandoning a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar satellite it sent to study black holes, disappointed space scientists said.
13.04.2016 18:31 Science, Technologies
Researchers from Guangzhou Medical University used a gene-editing technique CRISPR to artificially induce a mutation in human cells.
05.04.2016 14:26 Health
Experimental drug that greatly increases levels of "good" cholesterol has no effect on heart health, a comprehensive clinical trial found.
28.03.2016 15:32 Science, Technologies
Dozens of space scientists are desperately scouring the skies after losing track of a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar Japanese satellite that was sent to study black holes.
02.10.2015 15:24 Science, Technologies
Research into brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and traumatic injury got a boost with a $100 million pledge from a US foundation and seven universities.
04.09.2015 14:32 Internet
US chip colossus Intel said that it will put $50 million and engineering resources into an alliance on quantum computing that could radically advance complex problem-solving.
01.09.2015 11:34 Science, Technologies
People who do not get enough sleep are four times more likely than their well-rested counterparts to catch a cold.
20.08.2015 11:56 Health
Scientists have identified a genetic master-switch that makes some people more prone to obesity than others, and research out suggests it can be turned off, possibly leading to weight loss.
30.07.2015 17:48 Science, Technologies
Seven start-up projects from Kazakhstan have qualified in the final round of TECHNATION acceleration program for start-up teams from CIS, Europe and Asia.
16.07.2015 17:49 Industry, Infrastructure
A solar power plant SunPower Oasis C-7 has been presented in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.
09.06.2015 15:22 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev is concerned about Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector.
09.02.2015 15:41 Health
A quarter of Kazakhstani teenagers who committed suicide had talked about it before the actual act with their friends or family.
09.02.2015 14:10 Science, Technologies
Kazakh researchers from Almaty-based Kazakh National Technical University have developed bio pellets that facilitate growth of livestock.
05.02.2015 13:49 Science, Technologies
US researchers have found a way to turn a common smartphone into a quick and easy device to conduct field tests for HIV and syphilis.
14.01.2015 13:05 Science, Technologies
It's true: working too hard can drive you to drink, said researchers who warned of the health risks of such dual excess.
13.01.2015 14:10 Internet
A computer program that analyzes your Facebook "likes" may be a better judge of your personality than your closest friends and family.
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