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Insurers paid Kazakhstan for lost KazSat-1 16 августа 2011, 15:22

Alatau insurance company made insurance payment for the loss of the first Kazakh national communication satellite KazSat-1.
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KazSat-1 KazSat-1
Alatau insurance company made insurance payment for loss of the first national communication satellite KazSat-1. Since its very launch KazSat-1 was constantly under attention of public. Besides, this topic was widely covered in the media. As of today Kazakhstan has received insurance compensation for the lost satellite. It was one of the biggest payments in Kazakhstan insurance market. With this unique payment Alatau company fulfilled all the obligations to the client and made contribution to creation of its positive image and experience. The first and yet only case of full settlement of payments on insured satellite is an important fact for future that also serves to promote confidence in insurance of space risks.

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