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20.08.2015 18:07 Finance
Kazakhstan has been put on the map of the world's riskiest sovereign debt by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Really?
29.09.2014 12:25 Politics
Swiss voters rejected a plan to ditch the country's all-private health insurance system and create a state-run scheme, exit polls showed.
21.07.2014 20:34 Finance
Payments of Kazakhstan-based Eurasia Insurance Company may exceed $3 million in claims over the shot down Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight.
04.06.2014 14:30 Companies
Dai-ichi Life Insurance said Wednesday it would buy US-based Protective Life for $5.7 billion in a record deal, the latest overseas takeover by a Japanese firm to counter a declining market at home.
02.04.2014 13:40 Politics
Moscow on Wednesday threatened retaliatory action against US diplomats after US bank JP Morgan blocked a transfer of funds carried out by a Russian envoy.
22.01.2014 16:49 Finance
At a time of deep austerityacross Europe, France has managed to spend one billion euros ($1.4 billion) less than expected on health insurance last year.
19.09.2013 12:50 Finance
The insurance schemes will be administered by the government-owned non-for-profit State Fund for Real Estate Insurance.
09.07.2013 13:00 Finance
The devastating floods that hit central and Eastern Europe last month caused up to $4.5 billion (3.5 billion euros) in losses for the insurance industry.
01.04.2013 10:00 Politics
China's new President Xi Jinping on Friday signed deals worth several million dollars with his Congolese counterpart in sectors as varied as banking and infrastructure, on the final leg of his three-nation Africa tour.
31.01.2013 18:30 Laws, Initiatives
Senator Gani Kassymov believes that the compensation to the families of the victims of the plane crash near Almaty is insufficient.
24.01.2013 02:14 Finance
According to him, developed countries face lots of disasters; however, the tragedies do not call for such sizeable amounts of public money as in our country.
11.01.2013 13:21 Companies
The board of giant insurer AIG decided Wednesday not to join a private shareholder lawsuit against the US government over the $182 billion rescue of the insurer in 2008.
05.10.2012 15:20 Finance
Big Japanese insurers have stopped covering firms against riots in China, a report said Friday, a move seen likely to hit investment there as the countries remain stuck in a festering territorial row.
28.09.2012 00:49 Laws, Initiatives
The protocol seeks to bring to conformity applicable national legislations of the EurAsEC member states and ensure a greater access to insurance services.
19.09.2011 14:47 Kazakhstan
Before the satellite is fully transferred to Kazakhstan, the Russian side is fully responsible for insurance-related issues: Talgat Mussabayev, Head of KazKosmos National Space Agency.
16.08.2011 15:22 Finance
Alatau insurance company made insurance payment for the loss of the first Kazakh national communication satellite KazSat-1.
27.07.2011 00:47 Kazakhstan
The current insurance coverage is not sufficient: Majilis (lower chamber) deputy Vladimir Nekhoroshev.
24.05.2011 23:12 Kazakhstan
Following the recent flooding in Uralsk and a raft of earthquakes in Almaty, insurance companies have been receiving suggestions on new insurance packages from citizens.
16.05.2011 16:03 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Insurance Companies Association propose to start charging a compulsory insurance fees against possible future catastrophes from Kazakhstan citizens.