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28.04.2016 17:54 Science, Technologies
Japan is abandoning a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar satellite it sent to study black holes, disappointed space scientists said.
28.03.2016 15:32 Science, Technologies
Dozens of space scientists are desperately scouring the skies after losing track of a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar Japanese satellite that was sent to study black holes.
29.08.2015 10:44 Science, Technologies
Russia successfully launched a Proton rocket with a British satellite in the first such launch since an engine failure in May resulted in a Mexican satellite being destroyed.
13.05.2015 01:40 Disasters
A lot of efforts were made to preserve Astana from flooding. Technology were one way to do that as daily photographs of areas around the Kazakh capital were made to control the situation.
16.04.2015 12:02 Disasters
Satellite photos of flooding in Karaganda Oblast have been published by Kazakhstani national space company.
26.01.2015 13:15 Science, Technologies
High-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has reportedly added global Internet access from satellites to his vision of a future alongside sporty electric cars.
12.11.2014 14:46 Science, Technologies
High-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk confirmed that he is working on a web of small, low-cost satellites that could provide wireless Internet around the world.
16.09.2014 17:33 Industry, Infrastructure
Russia plans to set up two station of the System of Differential Correction and Monitoring (SDCM) for GLONASS in Kazakhstan.
08.09.2014 16:08 Industry, Infrastructure
Yousef Al Sheibani, Director of the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST), is among those visiting space facilities in Kazakhstan.
23.08.2014 14:41 Science, Technologies
Two European Galileo satellites launched by a Russian-built rocket on Friday from French Guiana have not reached their intended orbit.
20.08.2014 16:53 Environment
Arable lands account for 11.62% of the China’s territory. To sustain the huge population, all the available arable land is carefully cultivated.
11.08.2014 13:40 Science, Technologies
China will launch its first recoverable moon orbiter later this year in the latest step in its ambitious space programme.
24.07.2014 12:23 Science, Technologies
A cargo craft successfully docked with the International Space Station, the Russian space agency Roskosmos said.
01.07.2014 13:15 Science, Technologies
The US space agency is to launch on Tuesday a satellite that tracks atmospheric carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.
20.06.2014 15:31 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan has launched KazEOSat-2, its second medium resolution Earth observation satellite, from Russia.
11.06.2014 13:07 Internet
Google announced plans to buy the satellite group Skybox Imaging for $500 million, in a move to improve mapping and other services using geospatial data.
04.06.2014 10:41 Science, Technologies
KazSat-3 communications satellite assisted by a Proton-M carrier rocket has reached the designated orbital position,.
23.05.2014 12:22 Science, Technologies
A Senate panel set aside $100 million Thursday to develop a US rocket engine as an alternative to Russian equipment currently used to launch military satellites into orbit.
21.05.2014 22:41 Science, Technologies
Japan is scheduled to launch a new mapping satellite on Saturday that will be used to survey damage from natural disasters and changes affecting rain forests.
11.05.2014 13:13 Unrest
Afghanistan started using its first ever satellite on Saturday in a bid to boost its national broadcasting and telecommunications infrastructure as well as its international connectivity.
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