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Kazakhstan dancer stars in Ukraine: Tengrinews interview

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Kazakhstan dancer stars in Ukraine: Tengrinews interview

Dmitriy Schebet has become the first finalist of the Ukranian Everybody Dance from Kazakhstan. He took the 3rd place in the 6th Season of the Ukrainian equivalent of American So You Think You Can Dance.

In his native Ridder in eastern Kazakhstan, the 21 y.o. was known only to break dance fans. He may not be well known in his native Kazakhstan yet, but after the show Schebet became quite famous in Ukrain.

In the exclusive interview to Tengrinews TV, the young break dancer and choreographer told Tengrinews about his depression, artistic crisis and small victories.

He met his love on the show and now his young heart is torn between Kiev and Almaty. But despite the long-distance relationship, Schebet is not ready to give up his Kazakhstan passport for Ukrainian citizenship. "I'm a Kazakh," said the dancer with a smile.
(Videos of the dancing come from http://www.stb.ua and have been used for illustration purposes only. Please refer to STB for full versions.)

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