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Yedil Khussainov brings unimaginable blend of Kazakh classical, jazz and ethnic music to The Spirit of Tengri 06 июня 2015, 09:41

Well-known Kazakh musician Yedil Khussainov will perform at The Spirit of Tengri with a choir, an international contemporary ethnic music festival in Almaty
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Yedil Khussainov. Photo © Yedil Khussainov Yedil Khussainov. Photo © Yedil Khussainov

A well-known Kazakh singer Yedil Khussainov will perform at The Spirit of Tengri, an international contemporary ethnic music festival in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

Khussainov will be performing ethno-jazz with Satzhan Project band and will participate in the opening show with a choir. The ethnic musician is brining his well known works along with a number of new "jazzed" tunes.

"I am an ethnic musician and I mix ethnic music with folk and rock. This time I’m performing with Satzhan Project. The band plays ethnic jazz. As for the program that we have prepared for the festival, we will play my music that used to be rock, but will now be jazzed. We will also perform Kazakh classical music with a jazz twist. And there will be some of Satzhan Shumenov’s works. I will perform my famous Bulbul Zaman piece that has a mixture of various instruments including zhetygen, sybyzgy and saz-syrnay. All these instruments are intertwined together with komey, throat singing. People will hear some of the music they already know. But the rest will be completely new. You can’t always play music that people know. That is why we will bring a lot of new stuff. So I really want people to come, to listen, to maybe learn something new about Kazakh music and see it from a slightly different perspective," he said.

Khussainov was born in an artistsic family. His father is the author of a traditional Mereke kyui (musical piece for dombra) Seilkhan Khusainov. The mother Raishan Nurpeisova was a professional kobyz (ancient Kazakh string instrument) player. Khussainov learned music from Bolat Sarybayev and practiced playing various traditional instruments in Yakutia, Altay, Khakasiya and Mongolia. The musician plays ancient instruments such as zhetygen (seven-stringed instrument), sybyzgy (sideblown flute), saz-syrnay, kamys-syrnay, kaursyn-synay (wind instruments) and shan-kobyz. Yedil Khussainov is not only well known in Kazakhstan, but has a fan base abroad. In 2005, Khussainov performed at Carnegie Hall in New York. A year later, he had a concert in Tokyo.

According to the musician, he got on well with the leader of the jazz band Satzhan Shumenov thanks to a similar taste in music. “We did not need much time to prepare a program for The Sprit of Tengri Festival. We have already gotten an invitation from an international jazz festival in Shanghai. The most important thing is to be completely engaged in music and show people the art of it,” Khussainov said.

“A lot can be said about the program, but it is so much better to come and listen. I’m very happy to perform at the festival. I knew about the festival and sometimes I was jealous in a good way of my colleagues who participated (in The Spirit of Tengri),” the musician added.

Khussainov said that music pieces from his Bulbul Zaman album recorded at Abbey Road studio in London would be performed at the festival along with new tracks.

The Spirit of Tengri organised by TengriFM and sponsored by Kaspi Bank will take place at the Abay square in front of the Republic Palace (crossing of Dostyk and Abay streets) on June 6-7. The beginning is a 7 p.m. on both days. The entrance is free.

This year the festival brings together bands for 11 countries. Estonian band TRAD.ATTACK!, Hanggai from China, Tilla Torok & Hold Viola from Hungary, Tuvan throat singer and musician Radik Tyulyush, Turkish band Baba Zula, Argymak from Baskortostan, Georgian band The Shin, Chytys Tannagasheva from Mountain Shoriya (Russia) and Kazakhstani Aldaspan and Sharapat bands are coming to the festival this year.  

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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