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11.07.2015 00:28 Cinema, Music
A couple years ago, a tall humble fellow with a gentle voice and contemporary take on lyricism stormed into the Kazakhstani music scene.
08.07.2015 14:16 Entertainment, Style
Festival of nomadic civilization Millennia around Astana was held in the capital of Kazakhstan from July 3 to 6.
10.06.2015 18:36 Cinema, Music
The Spirit Tengri 2015 has begun with a debut of Kazakhstani ethnic band Arkaiym.
10.06.2015 18:30 Cinema, Music
The contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri aims to present yet unknown Kazakhstani ethnic musicians internationally.
07.06.2015 19:47 Music
Artists from Georgia, Bashkortostan and Turkey have performed at the contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri
07.06.2015 19:37 Music
For the first time The Spirit of Tengri has invited European bands to perform in Almaty.
06.06.2015 19:12 Entertainment, Style
The Spirit of Tengri 2015 brings talented musicians from 11 countries representing their unique cultures and musical histories
06.06.2015 18:52 Entertainment, Style
Some of the participants of The Spirit of Tengri have come to Kazakhstan for the first time to perform in front of thousands of people.
06.06.2015 09:41 Cinema, Music
Well-known Kazakh musician Yedil Khussainov will perform at The Spirit of Tengri with a choir, an international contemporary ethnic music festival in Almaty
02.06.2015 16:32 Cinema, Music
Famous French conductor will lead a concert in Almaty on June 20.
06.05.2015 13:36 Entertainment, Style
Prince announced a peace concert in Baltimore on Mother's Day after the death in police custody of an African American man sparked sometimes violent protests.
22.04.2015 19:00 Cinema, Music
World famous violinist from Kazakhstan Galya Bisengalieva brings Notes from London concert to Almaty on May 13.
22.04.2015 18:56 Cinema, Music
The concert of French music will take place at Zhas Sakhna theatre in Almaty on April 22 and 25.
22.04.2015 14:41 Cinema, Music
Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Valeriy Gergiev and a world-renowned Russian pianist Denis Matsuev will perform in Astana Opera on April 24.
03.04.2015 12:32 Cinema, Music
Session Fest from A to Z welcomes jazz lovers to a 4 hours live show on April 4.
30.03.2015 22:11 Cinema, Music
Baikadamov’s Choir Capella performed on the stage of Zhambyl’s Philarmony on March 20.
24.03.2015 02:19 Cinema, Music
The etoiles of Hungarian State Opera are to perform in Kazakhstan's production of Swan Lake.
19.02.2015 02:24 Cinema, Music
The first concert featured music of French composers and took place at the Astana Art Gallery on February 19.
06.02.2015 02:27 Cinema, Music
The Astana Opera has dedicated the Vsyo o Lubvy (Everything about Love) concert to the Valentine’s Day.
29.01.2015 13:52 Art, Books
Bulat Ayukhanov’s State Academic Dance Theatre is presenting the Greatness and Triumph of the Russian Ballet concert on February 5.
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