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Aktobe attacked by destructive insects 16 августа 2011, 13:59

Hordes of elm leaf beetlesattacked Aktobe.
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Photo courtesy of sl.wikipedia.org Photo courtesy of sl.wikipedia.org
Destructive insects attacked Aktobe, KTK reports. Hordes of elm leaf beetles (Pyrrhalta lutcola) are eating leaves and getting into the citizens’ apartments. The insects have already harmed hundreds of trees, especially young ones. The problem is that the insects are being repelled not in all parts of the city. According to phytosanitary experts, first all the young trees and then the old ones will die if the insects are not killed more effectively. Director of Aktobe oblast branch of phytosanitary authority Gizatulla Yermenov said: “Treatment of trees with anti-insecticides has an effect, of course, but only on the trees that have been treated. The trees inside yards are not being treated and the insects are successfully reproducing there and then fly around the whole city.” The city administration refused to give any comments about the leaf beetles.

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