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16.07.2014 15:42 Environment
Green caterpillars have flooded Shygys and Novoyavlenka villages in East Kazakhstan Oblast.
26.05.2014 01:22 Environment
Population of mosquitoes in and around Atyrau has increased significantly making the mosquito problem more tangible then ever.
12.05.2014 14:46 Health
Anopheles claviger, a malaria mosquito species uncommon for Kazakhstan, has been spotted in the wetlands near Astana.
02.04.2014 14:29 Environment
More than three dozens of Almaty residents have suffered tick bites since the beginning of the year.
26.07.2013 17:13 Environment
Aktobe grain farmers forecast a difficult year in 2014 because of the locusts outbreak.
10.07.2013 16:23 Strange News
Kazakhstan naturalist Atygai Yesenkulov offered to supply bats to Astana city to help it harness the mosquito population.
24.06.2013 18:37 Environment
An insect invasion has been registered in the bordering Aktobe (Kazakhstan) and Orenburg (Russia) oblasts.
19.06.2013 10:19 Environment
Millions of moths have engulfed Madrid in a population explosion blamed on spring rains, a sudden blast of summer heat and winds that have wafted them in as unwelcome guests to the Spanish capital.
12.06.2013 13:10 Health
Singapore is fighting back against a rapidly worsening dengue epidemic by distributing insect repellants to every household and recruiting hundreds of disease control officers.
30.05.2013 18:17 Environment
A significant increase of the number of locusts is expected in Kazakhstan this year.
02.05.2012 15:16 Health
860 people applied for aid after having been bitten by ticks in South Kazakhstan oblast, Otyrar channel reports.
27.04.2012 12:24 Disasters
Locust is spreading at two million hectares in Kazakhstan this year: Saktash Khasenov.
27.04.2012 11:58 Health
Around 500 people have already applied for medical aid after tick bites in Almaty.
24.04.2012 15:30 Disasters
Moroccan locust is attacking four villages in Saryagash region of South Kazakhstan oblast.
13.04.2012 14:00 Environment
State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Department have warned Almaty city and Almaty oblast citizens about ixodic ticks wakeup.
30.10.2011 17:58 Environment
An insect called ichneumon fly (Mastrus Wasp) could help Australia save millions of dollars.
16.08.2011 13:59 Environment
Hordes of elm leaf beetlesattacked Aktobe.
09.07.2011 12:53 Emergencies
The insects became active because of a sharp raise in the weather temperature. According to doctors, the number of bitten people is three times higher than last year.
13.06.2011 16:25 Kazakhstan
Tajik locust larvea is going to be the main threat for Kazakhstan wheat in the coming two years.