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Photo courtesy of Caterpillar plague in eastern Kazakhstan Green caterpillars have flooded Shygys and Novoyavlenka villages in East Kazakhstan Oblast.
16 июля 2014
Snapshot from KTK TV channel video Atyrau besieged by mosquitoes Population of mosquitoes in and around Atyrau has increased significantly making the mosquito problem more tangible then ever.
26 мая 2014
Photo courtesy of Malaria mosquitoes spotted in Astana Anopheles claviger, a malaria mosquito species uncommon for Kazakhstan, has been spotted in the wetlands near Astana.
12 мая 2014
© RIA Novosti 30 Almaty residents bitten by ticks More than three dozens of Almaty residents have suffered tick bites since the beginning of the year.
02 апреля 2014
©REUTERS Locusts may destroy Kazakhstan's harvest in 2014 Aktobe grain farmers forecast a difficult year in 2014 because of the locusts outbreak.
26 июля 2013
Photo courtesy of Bats could help fight mosquitos in Astana Kazakhstan naturalist Atygai Yesenkulov offered to supply bats to Astana city to help it harness the mosquito population.
10 июля 2013 file photo Kazakhstan and Russia join efforts to counter locusts An insect invasion has been registered in the bordering Aktobe (Kazakhstan) and Orenburg (Russia) oblasts.
24 июня 2013
©REUTERS Millions of moths mass on Madrid Millions of moths have engulfed Madrid in a population explosion blamed on spring rains, a sudden blast of summer heat and winds that have wafted them in as unwelcome guests to the Spanish capital.
19 июня 2013
©REUTERS Singapore fights back against worsening dengue outbreak Singapore is fighting back against a rapidly worsening dengue epidemic by distributing insect repellants to every household and recruiting hundreds of disease control officers.
12 июня 2013
Locusts outbreak expected in Kazakhstan A significant increase of the number of locusts is expected in Kazakhstan this year.
30 мая 2013
Ticks. ©RIA NOVOSTI 860 people applied for aid after tick bites in South Kazakhstan oblast 860 people applied for aid after having been bitten by ticks in South Kazakhstan oblast, Otyrar channel reports.
02 мая 2012
Locust spreads at 2 million hectares in Kazakhstan Locust is spreading at two million hectares in Kazakhstan this year: Saktash Khasenov.
27 апреля 2012
Ticks. ©RIA Novosti 500 Almaty residents applied for aid after tick bites Around 500 people have already applied for medical aid after tick bites in Almaty.
27 апреля 2012
South Kazakhstan threatened by Moroccan locust Moroccan locust is attacking four villages in Saryagash region of South Kazakhstan oblast.
24 апреля 2012
Ticks. ©RIA Novosti Epidemiologists warn about ticks wakeup in Almaty State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Department have warned Almaty city and Almaty oblast citizens about ixodic ticks wakeup.
13 апреля 2012
Mastrus Wasp. Photo courtesy of Insects from Kazakhstan to help Australia save millions of dollars An insect called ichneumon fly (Mastrus Wasp) could help Australia save millions of dollars.
30 октября 2011
Photo courtesy of Aktobe attacked by destructive insects Hordes of elm leaf beetlesattacked Aktobe.
16 августа 2011
©RIA Novosti Up to 20 people apply to Shymkent hospitals with scorpions bites every day The insects became active because of a sharp raise in the weather temperature. According to doctors, the number of bitten people is three times higher than last year.
09 июля 2011
Grasshopper plague. ©RIA Novosti Tajik locusts threaten Kazakhstan crops Tajik locust larvea is going to be the main threat for Kazakhstan wheat in the coming two years.
13 июня 2011
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