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27.09.2014 20:06 Sport
Spanish tennis professional, World No.2 Rafael Nadal has presented his tennis racket to Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev during his visit to Astana.
27.09.2014 14:13 People
Chelsea Clinton announced Saturday the birth of her first-born child, daughter Charlotte.
26.09.2014 12:59 Politics
September 25 the Senate Speaker Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev had talks with the Speaker of the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al ash-Sheikh.
25.09.2014 15:50 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry has made an official statement on the results of presidential elections in Afghanistan.
25.09.2014 15:17 Politics
President Petro Poroshenko instructed his government to consider temporarily closing Ukraine's porous border with Russia.
25.09.2014 13:24 Crime
French President Francois Hollande denounced the "cowardly" murder of a French hostage in Algeria and vowed not to give in to the Islamic State group.
24.09.2014 16:15 Politics
September 30 President Vladimir Putin of Russia is to pay a working visit to Kazakhstan.
24.09.2014 11:49 Politics
French President told Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani during a meeting at UN headquarters that "every support" was required to find political solutions.
24.09.2014 11:05 Environment
US Presiden urged all nations including emerging economies to act against climate change, warning that time was running out to prevent further damage.
23.09.2014 15:54 Politics
Outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai used his farewell speech to take a parting shot at the United States, accusing Washington of waging a war.
23.09.2014 11:09 Crime
Barack Obama is "concerned" about an incident in which an intruder with a knife entered the front door of the White House.
22.09.2014 14:43 Politics
A fiery plane crash that claimed the life of a popular politician has provided Brazil's presidential campaign with a dramatic plot twist worthy of a telenovela.
20.09.2014 13:56 Crime
A man sparked an evacuation at the White House after he scaled and jumped over a fence and made it into the building before being captured.
19.09.2014 14:47 Politics
French President Francois Hollande said that "France does not pay ransoms" for hostages, nor does it exchange prisoners.
19.09.2014 13:24 Politics
Barack Obama condemned what he called Russian "aggression" in Ukraine as he welcomed counterpart Petro Poroshenko to the White House for the first time.
18.09.2014 20:17 Politics
Yerzhan Kazykhanov has been appointed the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
18.09.2014 15:19 Politics
The Dalai Lama hailed Xi Jinping as "more open-minded" as the Chinese president held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
17.09.2014 15:32 Politics
President Barack Obama issued a global call to action to fight West Africa's Ebola epidemic, warning the deadly outbreak was unprecedented.
16.09.2014 12:31 Politics
All the Government’s obligations related to pension allowances, salaries in the public sector, welfare allowances should be respected. However challenging the task may be, it has to be accomplished, he said.
16.09.2014 11:25 Crime
The son of a former president of Catalonia denied tax fraud and money-laundering allegations in court.