What is Brexit for Kazakhstan? How is Brexit going to influence the Kazakh national currency Tenge? What British businesses in Kazakhstan should expect? What is it to Kazakhstan? These and many more questions have become the topic of discussion of two leading financial experts from Saxo bank.
Dying art? A recipe to save Hong Kong's handmade dim sum For the past 60 years, Chui Hoi has risen in the early hours of the morning to prepare bite-size steamed morsels for his small but popular dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong.
Prospects of Kazakh tenge and National Bank's policies Prospects of Kazakh tenge and National Bank's policies
Rail life: history of trains brought to life in Brussels Nearly two centuries ago, Belgium launched continental Europe's first commuter train line connecting Brussels to Mechelen, a small city halfway to the port of Antwerp.
Kazakh weightlifter Ilya Iliys sure of gold in Rio Rio 2016 Virtual Medal Table doubts that the two-times Olympic champion Ilya Iliyn from Kazakhstan can repeat his success. Ilya Iliyn thinks otherwise.
Australian winemakers court Asian tastebuds Wrapped tightly in sleeping bags to keep them from freezing in frigid conditions, Australian winemaker Sirromet's bottles slowly make their way across the vast Mongolian landscape on the back of a yak.
A person who earned a million once, can do it again: 25 y.o. Kazakh ex-millionaire Askhat Murzabayev, a young and very successful Kazakhstan programmer, shares his priorities, ideas, thoughts and dreams with Tengrinews.
Expensive espresso: Thailand's elephant dung coffee In the lush, green hills of northern Thailand, a woman painstakingly picks coffee beans out of a pile of elephant dung, an essential part of making one the world's most expensive beverages.
Korchinskiy speaks of Arlans against Cuba in Grand Finale of WSB Fans of boxing will see the Clash of Titans –the Astana Arlans vs Cuba Domadores - once again.
Sea of candles marks 'magical' rally that shook Berlin Wall Some 200,000 people joined a candlelight procession marking a watershed mass protest 25 years ago that helped bring down the Berlin Wall a month later.
The Eiffel Tower in numbers The Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in the world that charges for entrance. Here is a factfile on France's iconic building.
Three gold medals is an incredible feeling Three times champions of the Asian Games Dmirtiy Balandin from Kazakhstan talked about his best performance in an interview with Vesti.kz. Baladin won Men's Breaststroke 50m, 100m and 200m at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. He set two records at the Games. He swam 50m breaststroke in 27.87 seconds and 200m breaststroke in 2.07.67.
Berlin passion for 1940s fashion untempered by WWII hue With her blotted red lipstick, perky coiffed curls and fitted 1940s skirt suit, Constanze Pelzer looks like she's stepped off a World War II film set. From head to toe, the 49-year-old German is the picture of 1940s elegance -- from the little glasses and striking jewellery to her red sling-backs, her entire outfit is authentic.
'Miracle' of the Marne: the WWI battle that changed history At the start of September 1914, after just one month of war in Europe, the German army were at the gates of Paris. The word on the street was that Emperor Wilhelm II had already booked a dinner table on the Champs-Elysees.
Madagascar unleashes poisoned rain to break locust plague The choppers swoop in, dumping insecticide over a plague-stricken village in Madagascar's stunning central highlands.
A day at the Met: opera for New Yorkers and the world In a cramped backstage area at New York's Metropolitan Opera House, French mezzo-soprano Sophie Koch adjusts her 19th century dress.
Nazi past overshadows genius of Porsche The name Porsche has long made sports car enthusiasts swoon but the Nazi past of the famous brand's founder has left his Czech hometown sorely divided over his legacy.
Paraguay group turns garbage into sweet melodies Parents all over the world often complain about their children's music being garbage.
Former slave trade town seeks to become African art hub Until last year, the few tourists who visited the small west African town of Ouidah were likely headed to the Gateway of No Return, a massive monument to the area's bleak history as a slave trading hub.

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