Long queues for iPhone 5 rollout despite glitches Apple's iPhone 5 hit stores in a festive global rollout Friday, with long queues of devotees undeterred by a lukewarm welcome from experts for the smartphone and complaints about its new mapping system.
21 сентября 2012
iPhone 5 frenzy builds ahead of Friday release Gadget lovers have flooded Apple with pre-orders and set up camp outside the company's real-world stores to get their hands on the new generation iPhone 5 set for release Friday.
20 сентября 2012
Eyes on Apple for "iPhone 5" debut The stage is set for Apple to unveil a new-generation iPhone on Wednesday as the culture-changing company once again lays claim to the heart of the Internet age lifestyle.
13 сентября 2012
Google-Microsoft field smartphones to take on iPhone 5 Google and Microsoft have introduced new champions in the fiercely competitive smartphone arena a week ahead of what is likely to be the hotly-anticipated debut of a next-generation iPhone by Apple.
06 сентября 2012
Apple event invites hint at iPhone 5 debut Apple on Tuesday invited members of the media to a September 12 event in San Francisco for what is expected to be the debut of a new-generation iPhone.
05 сентября 2012
Home wifi could be used for emergency responders Wireless routers for homes and offices could be knitted together to provide a communications system for emergency responders if the mobile phone network fails.
21 августа 2012
Australian police chief attacks violent video games One of Australia's top police officers on Monday criticised violent video games that glorify rape and murder, after a spate of high-profile knifings by young people.
07 августа 2012
Judge scolds Samsung, lets patent trial proceed The judge in a massive smartphone patent dispute reprimanded Samsung Friday for releasing excluded evidence but denied a bid by Apple to order a verdict in the case.
04 августа 2012
Computer game aims to zap teen depression Long viewed as a contributing factor in teenage isolation, computer games are now being used to treat adolescent depression in an innovative New Zealand programme.
01 августа 2012
Kissenger: virtual lips for long-distance lovers A robotics professor in Singapore has invented a gadget equipped with motion-sensitive electronic "lips" that allow amorous but absent couples to exchange long-distance smooches via the Internet.
23 июля 2012
Mexican minister suggests mobile app to fight crime Mexico's interior minister suggested Wednesday that a mobile software app could help crack down on the country's crippling drug-related crime.
19 июля 2012
Interpol unveils fake goods scanning app with Google Global policing body Interpol announced Tuesday a pioneering initiative to crack down on trade in fake goods, using an app developed with the help of search giant Google.
19 июля 2012
PayPal stuffs startup into its smartphone wallet EBay-owned online financial transactions titan PayPal on Tuesday announced that it has bought a San Francisco startup focused on using smartphone cameras to take credit card payments.
18 июля 2012
The eyes have it for disabled gamers Engineers said Friday they had built a device using mass-produced video gaming equipment that lets disabled people control a computer with just their eyes -- with a price tag of under $30 (25 euros).
14 июля 2012
LG Electronics seeks to win race for next-generation TV South Korea's LG Electronics, long overshadowed by Samsung Electronics, is confident it can outpace its bigger rival in the race to dominate the world's next-generation TV market.
11 июля 2012
Phone app allows US users to film police activity A US civil rights advocacy group has launched a free mobile phone application that allows users to record police activity discreetly, saying it will help boost police force accountability.
07 июля 2012
PHOTO: Training robots brought to Kazakhstan from Korea Korean robots have been brought to Kazakhstan for programmers' training for the first time.
22 мая 2012
FIrst Kazakhstan-made TV-set will hit the market in April 2012 First Kazakhstan-made TV-set will start selling in April 2012.
29 марта 2012
Kazakhstan boxers won 9 medals in Baku tournament Kazakhstan boxers gained 9 medals in the Great Silk Road-2012 tournament that was held in Baku.
12 марта 2012
Massimov surfs Internet via iPad Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov surfs the Internet with iPad.
15 июля 2011

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