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15.08.2016 16:28 Entertainment, Style
A dozen young men and women stand before a rock face on the outskirts of Islamabad, they take turns climbing up the limestone.
13.11.2015 14:49 Health
Obesity in Kazakhstan is becoming a serious issue. Nutritionists and scientists urge Kazakhstanis to reconsider their nutrition philosophies
19.10.2015 15:18 Entertainment, Style
The hems of his jeans rolled, Rehmat Ali climbs barefoot up a tree to pick the grapes dangling from climbing vines, defying hostile religious injunctions against alcohol to celebrate a wine-making tradition.
19.10.2015 15:08 Entertainment, Style
Sao Paulo kicked off the 40th edition of its Fashion Week featuring the winter 2016 collection of Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch.
13.10.2015 15:35 Entertainment, Style
Candles and languid electro-jazz set the scene for a romantic rendezvous at a north London bar, but the couple sitting face-to-face can use only their eyes to beguile.
06.10.2015 14:57 Entertainment, Style
On the Paris catwalk, a reappearance of bandanas -- those paisley kerchiefs that were hot back in the 1970s, remember? -- proved the lesson that old can become trendy again if you just wait long enough.
03.10.2015 17:49 Entertainment, Style
Bucking the fashion show stereotype of tall, willowy models, Paris Fashion Week was treated to a parade of women of restricted growth sashaying along the runway to great public applause.
29.09.2015 11:52 Entertainment, Style
Giorgio Armani had three important things to say: yes, he can do colours other than grey and beige, no, he is going nowhere and no, he has not had a nose job.
28.09.2015 16:26 National cooking
In an industrial zone among the hills of Galilee in northern Israel, a ponytailed sociologist with an intolerance for gluten explained what he was up to: beer made with chickpeas and dates.
22.09.2015 15:22 Entertainment, Style
British fashion heavyweight Burberry Prorsum summoned a biker spirit as it presented the Spring/Summer 2016 collection at London Fashion Week.
21.09.2015 12:18 Entertainment, Style
Cocktail dresses tied with karate belts set the tone at London Fashion Week as Georgian designer David Koma produced a sleek catwalk mashup of dance and martial arts.
19.09.2015 15:10 Entertainment, Style
Once the preserve of the rich and famous, New York high fashion is now more than ever entertainment for the world at large, with catwalk shows increasingly accessible and clothes instantly available.
16.09.2015 18:10 Entertainment, Style
Serena Williams put a brave face on her shock US Open defeat, unveiling her latest fashion collection in New York with Anna Wintour and rumored boyfriend Drake in the front row.
14.09.2015 11:50 Entertainment, Style
In just two short years, rising New York designer Rosie Assoulin has established her own label and won plaudits for sophisticated yet sensuous clothes that sacrifice nothing to comfort.
12.09.2015 13:12 Entertainment, Style
French giant Givenchy will be the main attraction at New York fashion week, with its bolt across the Atlantic after decades in Paris one of the most hotly anticipated events of the season.
11.09.2015 14:39 Entertainment, Style
Karachi, Pakistan's biggest and most diverse city, was once home to a famous nightclub scene where alcohol flowed freely and luminaries from the world of jazz played to packed crowds eager for a taste of Western culture.
04.09.2015 13:48 Entertainment, Style
Hundreds of people dressed all in white attended an elegant pop-up picnic in London in an event aimed to celebrate public space in cities.
31.08.2015 17:00 Entertainment, Style
London's Notting Hill Carnival kicked off with a riot of colour despite grey skies, in a celebration of Caribbean culture reputed as Europe's biggest street party.
21.08.2015 15:14 Entertainment, Style
In the countryside outside the birthplace of the Chinese sage Confucius, 35 students battle the elements as well as exhaustion at a remote kung fu training academy.
14.08.2015 13:16 People
Britain's Prince Charles dreaded the prospect of divorce a year before he wed Princess Diana, suggests a letter he wrote in 1980 that is up for sale in the United States.
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