Hundreds queue up for Wii U debut in Japan Hundreds of people queued up at electronics shops across Japan Saturday as Nintendo released its new Wii U game console, hoping to reposition itself in a gaming market invaded by online social games.
08 декабря 2012
Buzz building for debut of Wii U videogame console Pre-orders for Wii U have been hot ahead of the Sunday release of the new Nintendo videogame console that the Japanese electronics titan hopes will catapult it to renewed glory.
14 ноября 2012
Apple iPad mini makes low key debut The iPad mini made its low-key debut Friday when sales began in Asia, as Apple hurled the latest salvo in its battle against rivals Amazon, Google and Samsung.
02 ноября 2012
Microsoft woos mobile users, aims at Apple Microsoft kicked off sales of its revamped Windows 8 system and Surface tablet Friday amid mixed reviews as the tech giant ramped up efforts to compete in a market shifting rapidly from PCs to mobile devices.
27 октября 2012
Apple patent wielded against Samsung possibly invalid Samsung's high-stakes legal battle with Apple was bolstered Tuesday by word that the US Patent and Trademark Office was second-guessing a patent at issue in the case.
24 октября 2012
Taking aim at rivals, Apple unveils iPad mini Apple introduced the iPad mini on Tuesday, confident that a smaller version of its beloved tablet computer will trump lower-priced offerings by rivals Amazon, Google and Samsung.
24 октября 2012
Apple expected to debut 'mini' iPad Apple on Tuesday is expected to pull back the curtain on a "mini" version of its iPad to battle Amazon and Google in the hot, crowded arena of tablet computers with smaller screens.
24 октября 2012
Will Apple go for 'kill' with iPad Mini? Just weeks after its momentous launch of the iPhone 5, Apple is back with what is expected to be another hot gadget -- a "mini" version of its market-leading iPad tablet.
23 октября 2012
US appeals court lifts ban on Samsung-Google phone A US appeals court Thursday lifted a sales ban on Google-branded Samsung smartphones in a patent fight with Apple, saying there was no evidence sales were driven by features copied from the iPhone.
13 октября 2012
Samsung introduces compact Galaxy smartphone Samsung Electronics on Friday unveiled a compact version of its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, with a touch screen sized to match that of arch-rival Apple's new iPhone 5.
13 октября 2012
As mobile devices advance, PC future murky The PC is not dead, but it's no longer king of the technology universe.
11 октября 2012
'MindMeld' app anticipates people's needs A voice calls application called MindMeld to be available this month promises to know what iPad users want before they do.
03 октября 2012
Apple CEO sorry for maps shortcomings Apple apologized Friday for its glitch-ridden maps application in the new operating system used by the iPhone 5 and urged customers to use rival programs while improvements are made.
29 сентября 2012
Sleek new PlayStation 3 model makes US debut Sleek new PlayStation 3 consoles took their places in US homes on Thursday as Sony tapped into its video game prowess to put itself at the heart of Internet Age entertainment.
28 сентября 2012
Global sales of 'smart devices' surging: study Global sales of so-called smart connected devices -- computers, smartphones and tablets -- rose sharply in the past quarter, driven by smartphones and tablets.
28 сентября 2012
iPhone 5 sales top five million, but shy of forecasts The new iPhone 5 broke records in its launch weekend with sales above five million, Apple said Monday, but the figures were below some forecasts and pressured the company's share price.
26 сентября 2012
iPhone 5 will not be officially sold in Kazakhstan Apple does not have an official iPhone supplier to Kazakhstan, that’s why the resellers have no chances to buy the smartphones in batches: expert.
24 сентября 2012
Maps fiasco mars Apple's big iPhone launch Melting bridges, misplaced landmarks, and major cities disappearing: Apple's glitch-ridden maps program released in its new mobile software has customers fuming and analysts puzzled.
22 сентября 2012
Apple maps disaster may solve China-Japan islands row Apple's new iPhone 5 may have been criticised for its glitch-ridden new maps program, but it may have inadvertently provided a diplomatic solution to China and Japan's ongoing row over disputed islands.
22 сентября 2012
iPhone 5 big success, but no leap forward: analysts The new iPhone 5 is on its way to unprecedented commercial success, but the world's most iconic smartphone is facing tougher competition from rivals out-innovating Apple.
21 сентября 2012

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