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Photo courtesy of Kazcosmos to develop electronic tagging devices for Kazakhstan Electronic tagging devices may be developed locally in Kazakhstan by its space agency Kazcosmos.
29 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakh Ministry of Energy proposes installing metering devices on oil and gas wells The Minister of Energy says there is a need for monitoring devices on Kazakhstan's oil and gas wells.
09 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakh Senate questions security of electronic tagging devices Kazakhstani Senate has questioned the safety and security of electronic tagging devices.
06 октября 2014
Microsoft TV plug-in gadget mirrors mobile screens Microsoft put its spin on Google's Chromecast with a device that lets people mirror what's on Windows-powered tablets or smartphones on their television screens.
24 сентября 2014
©Reuters/Yuya Shino Apple's new encryption to lock out government Apple is rolling out new privacy protections for iPhones and iPads, with a new system that makes it impossible for the company to unlock a device.
19 сентября 2014
Chinese firm serves up 'smart chopsticks' for food-wary diners A new "smart chopsticks" concept by Internet search giant Baidu could put the answer in hands.
04 сентября 2014
Damel Mektepbayeva. Screenshot from the team's project video Kazakhstani invents device to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases Damel Mektepbayeva, junior researcher at Nazarbayev University, has developed a device that rapidly diagnoses sexually transmitted diseases.
04 сентября 2014
©Reuters/Barry Huang Malware worms its way into more apps: study Malicious software is increasingly making its way into mobile phones through "cloned" versions of popular apps, and software weaknesses in legitimate ones, security researchers said.
24 июня 2014
Medtronic Chairman and Chief Executive Omar Ishrak. ©Reuters/Brendan McDermid Medical device maker Medtronic to buy Covidien for $42.9 bn US medical-device maker Medtronic will buy its Irish-based competitor Covidien for $42.9 billion, the company said.
16 июня 2014
New Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones. ©Reuters/Albert Gea Samsung Galaxy S5 makes global debut The latest version of Samsung's flagship Galaxy smartphone went on sale worldwide Friday, days after the electronics giant announced it was facing a second consecutive quarter of profit decline.
12 апреля 2014
Google Glass available in US as of April 15 Google will makes it controversial Internet-linked Glass eyewear available for purchase for a limited time in the United States beginning on April 15.
12 апреля 2014
MKS Baratron Pressure Transducer. Photo courtesy of Chinese man, Iranian indicted in US over Iran exports A Chinese man, an Iranian and two Iranian firms were charged in the United States with conspiring to export devices to Iran that can serve to enrich uranium, an indictment unsealed Friday said.
05 апреля 2014
©Reuters/David W Cerny Google expands Android platform to wearables Google announced it was bringing Android, the dominant platform for smartphones, to wearable devices.
19 марта 2014
©Reuters/Stringer Judge rejects Apple bid to ban Samsung devices A federal judge Thursday rejected Apple's request to ban an array of Samsung smartphones and tablets found to have infringed on patents held by the US tech giant.
07 марта 2014
Japan researchers testing tiny ear computer A tiny personal computer that is worn on the ear and can be controlled with the blink of an eye or the click of a tongue is being tested in Japan.
01 марта 2014
Samsung launches flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone Samsung unveiled Monday its new flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone armed with a fingerprint scanner and a built-in heart rate sensor to defend its place as the world's industry leader.
25 февраля 2014
Smartphone giants want your body Smartphone makers are fighting for space on your wrist and your head; lucrative real estate for a new wave of high-tech devices if only they can persuade you to wear them.
25 февраля 2014
Photo courtesy of LG to launch new smartwatch this year: CEO LG will launch its first smartwatch in 2014, the head of its mobile unit said Monday, tapping into the nascent market for wearable devices seen as the mobile industry's new source of growth.
24 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Adrees Latif Medicine goes mobile with smartphone apps, devices Thanks to smartphones, email, video games and photo sharing are available at the touch of a finger.
19 февраля 2014
US military funds 'Mission: Impossible' vanishing devices The US military is spending millions to build "vanishing" technology that self-destructs on the battlefield, like the tape recorder that goes up in smoke in the "Mission: Impossible" television show.
08 февраля 2014

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