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08.06.2016 16:53 Science, Technologies
The prevailing theory that mammals only flourished after an asteroid strike wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago is doubly wrong.
05.04.2016 14:26 Health
Experimental drug that greatly increases levels of "good" cholesterol has no effect on heart health, a comprehensive clinical trial found.
27.01.2016 15:54 Science, Technologies
It is not only animals that rely on physical cues to gauge the fertility of potential rivals for a mate.
27.10.2015 13:12 Health
The UN's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned that processed meats like sausages and ham cause bowel cancer, and red meat "probably" does too.
10.09.2015 18:08 Science, Technologies
Astronauts, who are currently on board of the ISS, have tweeted the photos of the Caspian Sea and Kazakhstan's capital Astana from space.
01.09.2015 11:34 Science, Technologies
People who do not get enough sleep are four times more likely than their well-rested counterparts to catch a cold.
19.08.2015 14:33 Health
E-cigarettes should be prescribed to smokers to help them quit the habit, British public health experts recommended in a study.
18.08.2015 14:15 Health
Being overweight more than doubles the risk of bowel cancer in people with a certain gene disorder, but a regular dose of aspirin can reverse the trend.
26.06.2015 11:15 Science, Technologies
Some coral species are better at adapting to climate change than others, and they may be able to pass their hardy DNA onto the next generation.
24.06.2015 14:39 Health
Medical marijuana shows some effectiveness in helping treat chronic pain but there is less evidence of its success in warding off nausea or helping ill patients gain weight.
23.06.2015 12:21 Science, Technologies
More than half of current and former smokers who can pass basic lung function tests may suffer from lung diseases that have gone undiagnosed.
16.06.2015 13:22 Science, Technologies
New research has added to tentative evidence that eating chocolate in modest quantities may be good for the heart.
16.06.2015 12:51 Health
Smoking is responsible for nearly half of deaths due to certain types of cancers in 2011.
27.05.2015 13:45 Health
The broadest study of its kind on Wednesday backed estimates that newer kinds of contraceptive pills carry a higher risk of dangerous blood clots.
26.05.2015 15:41 Health
Teenagers who are very overweight may run double the risk of developing colorectal cancer when they reach middle age.
18.04.2015 19:55 Politics
Voter turnout for the upcoming presidential elections is expected to be at 70 percent, according to the Information and Analysis Center in Almaty.
15.04.2015 15:38 Health
The immune system may play a part in Alzheimer's disease, US researchers have discovered.
14.04.2015 10:16 Science, Technologies
A new device that can be added to a smartphone may be able to accurately and cheaply diagnose cancer, a technology which could be useful in remote areas.
10.04.2015 10:58 Health
People who are obese in middle age run a lower risk of developing dementia later.
02.04.2015 15:11 Health
Coffee is gaining ground among medical experts who say it can protect against heart disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes, even if it is decaffeinated.
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