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©️ / Turar Kazangapov Teenager given two-month detention for pepper spraying child - Teenager has been sentenced to two months in detention for pepper spraying a child in Aktobe.
11 июля 2024 Around the Caspian sea on a plastic raft: six teens rescued - Young boys made a raft out of plastic cubes and set sail on it on the sea in Kazakhstan.
10 июля 2024
Image created with Midjourney AI Kazakhstan bans energy drink sales to teenagers - Kazakhstan has officially banned the sale of energy drinks to teenagers. The new law is already signed by President Kassym-Jomart
09 июля 2024 Teen arrested for pepper spraying children in Aktobe, Kazakhstan - A teenager has been detained and placed in a temporary investigation isolator after spraying two young boys in the face with
09 июля 2024
Photo © Kazakhstan's Muai Thai team wins 18 medals at 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup Kazakhstani muay thai team has won 18 medals at the 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup.
08 сентября 2015
Photo © Vladimir Prokopenko First skatepark opens in Almaty The first skatepark has been opened in Almaty.
03 сентября 2015
Photo courtesy of Why we need to dispel myths about suicide in Kazakhstan? Teenage suicide remains a pressing problem in Kazakhstan that is not addressed with due seriousness.
14 августа 2015
Askhat Murzabayev. Photo © 25 y.o. Kazakhstani programmer donates $2 million for cancer research Having worked at Barclays for half a year, a programmer from Kazakhstan Askhat Murzabayev earned a little over $2 million and donated the money to the International Cancer Research Center.
22 июля 2015
Illustration © 86 teens committ suicide in 5 month in Kazakhstan Prosecutor General’s Office has reported 86 suicide cases among teenagers in Kazakhstan.
17 июня 2015
E-cigarette use triples in US teens Some two million US high school students tried e-cigarettes last year, a rate that tripled in just one year, US health authorities said.
17 апреля 2015
Smartphones boost US teen connections: survey It's not just your imagination: most American teenagers are online or on their smartphones every day, and many are almost continually connected.
09 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of Suicidal youth not taken seriously in Kazakhstan: UNICEF A quarter of Kazakhstani teenagers who committed suicide had talked about it before the actual act with their friends or family.
09 февраля 2015
Elizabet Tursynbayeva. Photo © Elizabet Tursynbayeva wins Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup 2015 Kazakhstani figure skater Elizabet Tursynbayeva, 14, has won a tournament in Poland.
15 января 2015
Police arrest 15 in more Ferguson protests Police in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson arrested 15 people after fresh protests over a grand jury decision not to indict a white policeman for shooting dead black teenager.
29 ноября 2014
Family of slain US teen 'profoundly disappointed,' calls for calm The family of slain black US teen Michael Brown said they were "profoundly disappointed" by a grand jury's decision not to charge the white police officer.
25 ноября 2014
When dreams come true: Kazakshtani boy in French Foreign Legion Oleg Serov set off for France for the first time in his 18 to get enrolled into the French Foreign Legion.
14 октября 2014 Online care center Friend opens in Kazakhstan to prevent teen suicides An online support center Friend aimed at decreasing the number of suicides among children and teens in Kazakhstan has opened in Almaty.
13 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of 'Sexting' still prevalent among US teens: researchers "Sexting," or sending sexually explicit images by phone, remains prevalent among US teenagers despite the well-known risks and consequences.
10 октября 2014
Lyubov Andreeva. Photo courtesy of the racer's personal page. Kazakhstani Danika Patrick in the making - Lyubov Andreeva Her name is Lyubov Andreeva and she is presenting Kazakhstan at Formula Russia this year.
08 октября 2014
Dinara Saduakassova (in the middle). Photo courtesy of Saduakassova's page 17 y.o. Dinara Saduakassova from Kazakhstan wins World Chess Championship Kazakhstani grand master Dinara Saduakassova has won the 2014 World Youth Chess Championship in South Africa.
02 октября 2014

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