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06.09.2014 12:17 People
Hollywood star Robin Williams, who died August 11 and was a devoted video game fan, has made a subtle cameo in "World of Warcraft."
08.06.2014 11:26 Companies
Sony have topped worldwide sales of video game consoles for the first time in eight years, a newspaper reported Saturday, pipping struggling rival Nintendo and signalling the Playstation manufacturer's comeback.
29.05.2014 00:43 Internet
Video game publisher Bethesda Softworks on Tuesday delayed release of eagerly awaited horror action title "The Evil Within" to October.
17.05.2014 10:07 Markets
Sony's PlayStation 4 led a surge in console sales that lifted the US video game market in April, said figures released Thursday by market research firm NPD Group.
07.03.2014 18:02 Health
The game over, a beaming Sawyer and Michael, both 10, cheer and give each other a high-five.
14.02.2014 12:33 Markets
US videogame hardware sales surged in January, with Sony's new-generation PlayStation 4 consoles leading the charge.
28.12.2013 15:50 Entertainment, Style
For those old enough to remember console games like "Asteroids" or "Red Baron," from the 1970s and 1980s: the games are back.
23.11.2013 14:27 Markets
Indie video games made by tiny teams on even tinier budgets are increasingly competing with the big guys, making inroads on consoles after cutting their teeth on phones and tablets.
23.11.2013 11:10 Companies
Microsoft on Friday crowed that more than a million Xbox One consoles were snapped up within 24 hours in 13 countries after hitting shelves for the first time in the morning.
19.09.2013 11:12 Gadgets
Gamers were gathering Thursday for the start of the Tokyo Game Show, an annual extravaganza that this year will give punters their first real taste of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.
17.09.2013 12:10 Internet
Unabashedly brutal "Grand Theft Auto V" hit the streets Tuesday in a sequel that promises to enthrall fans of the blockbuster videogame franchise.
02.07.2013 11:23 Internet
Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus on Monday said he is handing over the helm of the struggling social games company to Microsoft entertainment division chief Don Mattrick.
14.06.2013 10:27 Internet
A video game with a protagonist who controls the world around him by hacking into systems is generating growing buzz, for its eerie parallels with the current storm about US surveillance.
11.06.2013 18:08 Gadgets
Microsoft on Monday fired a shot in the looming videogame console war with the announcement that its new champion - Xbox One - will launch in November in 21 countries.
24.05.2013 17:15 Companies
The US International Trade Commission sided with Microsoft on Thursday in a patent dispute with Google-owned Motorola Mobility that could have gotten Xbox 360 videogame consoles banned from import.
21.05.2013 18:39 Gadgets
Microsoft offers a glimpse Tuesday at a new-generation Xbox as videogame consoles evolve into home entertainment centers and adapt to competition from smartphones and tablets.
07.05.2013 16:52 Cinema, Music
A new wave of Star Wars videogames is coming.
02.05.2013 13:07 Health
Playing videogames can prevent and even reverse deteriorating brain functions such as memory, reasoning and visual processing.
30.03.2013 15:33 Gadgets
The booming popularity of play on smartphones or tablet computers in a realm once dominated by videogame consoles was a hot theme at the major Game Developers Conference that ended here Friday.
29.03.2013 11:27 Gadgets
A videogame centered on a wordless walk across a picturesque desert walked away with top honors Thursday at the major Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
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