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Новости по теме: patent По вашему запросу найдено: 38 материалов
17.09.2014 13:20 Crime
A federal appeals court tossed out a $368 million verdict against Apple, ruling that jurors were given evidence that may have skewed the sum.
26.07.2014 12:54 Companies
Audio technology veteran Bose Corporation sued Beats Electronics over patented technology for canceling noise in earphones.
09.07.2014 19:51 Companies
US technology giant Apple has lost a lawsuit against a Chinese state regulator over patent rights to voice recognition software such as the iPhone's "Siri", a Beijing court said.
17.05.2014 11:07 Internet
The technology titans behind the top two smartphone platforms in the world called a truce Friday in a long-running patent war.
03.05.2014 09:05 Companies
Jurors on Friday ordered Samsung to pay just a fraction of the big-money damages sought by Apple in a high-stakes Silicon Valley case over smartphone patents.
30.04.2014 13:26 Companies
Apple and Samsung made their final pitches to jurors on Tuesday in a big-money smartphone patent trial playing out in the heart of Silicon Valley.
22.04.2014 11:44 Industry, Infrastructure
Just add water and stir. A US company says its new powdered alcohol product has been approved by US regulators and is poised to hit stores in the coming months.
01.04.2014 10:52 Internet
Jurors were selected Monday for a high-stakes patent battle between smartphone rivals Apple and Samsung, setting the stage for attorneys to open fire regarding who copied innovations.
09.02.2014 13:37 Companies
US Department of Justice officials on Friday dropped an antitrust investigation into whether Samsung abused essential mobile gadget patents in its ongoing battle with Apple.
06.02.2014 14:41 Companies
Apple is caught up in a new patent battle in Germany, risking a 1.5-billion-euro fine at a trial over the iPhone's emergency phone-dialling feature.
27.01.2014 11:23 Companies
Samsung said Monday it had signed a long-term cross-licence deal with Google in a move to help the South Korean technology firm stave off potential patent disputes in the future.
05.01.2014 23:04 Companies
Blackberry Ltd. said Friday it had filed a suit in a California court against Los Angeles firm Typo Products for violating its patents with a Blackberry-like keyboard made for Apple's iPhone.
12.12.2013 14:58 Companies
South Korea's Samsung on Thursday lost its latest claim in a long-running global copyright battle against bitter rival Apple, a surprise blow to the electronics giant in its home market.
20.11.2013 10:07 Companies
A Taiwanese electronics company said Wednesday it has filed a lawsuit against South Korean tech giant Samsung for allegedly infringing on its optics technology patents.
24.09.2013 11:39 Companies
South Korean electronic giants Samsung and LG have agreed to end a year-long battle over display technology patents that spawned a series of lawsuits.
24.08.2013 18:04 Companies
Taiwan's Hon Hai group has sold part of its patent portfolio involving wearable computing to US technology giant Google.
05.06.2013 12:32 Companies
Samsung won a round in its long-running patent battle with Apple on Tuesday when a US trade panel banned the import and sale of some older models of the iPhone and iPad.
24.05.2013 17:15 Companies
The US International Trade Commission sided with Microsoft on Thursday in a patent dispute with Google-owned Motorola Mobility that could have gotten Xbox 360 videogame consoles banned from import.
23.04.2013 13:10 Companies
The US International Trade Commission on Monday tossed out a Motorola Mobility patent claim that threatened to block the import of some Apple iPhone models into this country.
09.03.2013 18:31 Companies
Taiwan's top smartphone maker HTC said Saturday a German court had dismissed two patent infringement complaints brought against the company by Finnish phone giant Nokia.
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