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14.09.2016 18:16 Military
Sweden's Baltic Sea island of Gotland is once again home to a permanent military presence.
29.08.2016 14:14 Health
Singapore officials went door-to-door Monday to wipe out mosquitoes after the discovery of 41 locally transmitted cases of Zika virus.
16.05.2016 15:46 Companies
French oil and gas company Total officially launched a project off Britain's remote Shetland Islands.
11.03.2016 15:21 Environment
Residents in low-lying areas of the Marshall Islands are braced for flooding underscoring the islands' vulnerability to climate change.
17.02.2016 17:17 Unrest
China deployed surface-to-air missiles on a disputed island in the South China Sea, insisting it had a right to build "self-defence".
24.08.2015 15:08 Politics
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday criticised his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev's weekend visit to disputed islands.
22.05.2015 18:03 Politics
Leaders of 14 Pacific island nations gathered in Japan to start a two-day meeting to discuss their development needs.
07.02.2015 15:14 Politics
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged to resolve a row with Russia over an island chain claimed by both nations.
13.10.2014 14:54 Disasters
Powerful typhoon Vongfong barrelled into Japan's main islands, with at least one person missing and dozens injured while more than 500 flights were grounded.
02.09.2014 13:32 Entertainment, Style
Tourists in Palau clamour to dive among the predators thanks to a pioneering conservation initiative.
01.09.2014 11:03 Environment
Fourteen animal rights activists have been detained on the Faroe island of Sandoy in the North Atlantic while trying to stop a controversial dolphin hunt.
09.07.2014 17:35 Politics
Kazakhstan has agreed to sign a agreement with the Republic of Fiji.
10.05.2014 12:25 Finance
The tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru has officially lodged an application for entry to the International Monetary Fund, the global financial body said.
29.04.2014 10:02 Environment
The smallest and least known of Spain's Canary Islands, El Hierro, is making a splash by becoming the first island in the world fully energy self-sufficient through combined water and wind power.
09.04.2014 11:01 Entertainment, Style
Most New Yorkers don't even know it exists. But a million forgotten souls are buried in mass graves dug by convicts on a tiny, forbidden island east of the Bronx.
06.03.2014 14:45 Sport
Kazakhstan national youth football team has won over the team of Island at the UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship 2015 qualifications.
11.12.2013 10:58 Industry, Infrastructure
Luring millions of tourists a year with its crystal-clear waters, warm winters and precious wildlife, Spain's Canary Islands may hold another treasure -- oil -- that is attracting a less welcome visitor.
04.12.2013 16:16 Finance
Laden with debt, its economy in recession: Is the US territory of Puerto Rico poised to become another Greece?
27.11.2013 17:03 Emergencies
About 30 Haitian migrants died after an overloaded freighter capsized in the Bahamas and 110 others were rescued in rough seas, the US Coast Guard said Tuesday.
26.11.2013 11:34 Finance
The Pacific region faces serious economic losses due to climate change and it is critical that nations causing the problem step in to help, the Asian Development Bank said Tuesday.
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