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14.07.2016 15:40 Entertainment, Style
Since its release in the United States, Australia and New Zealand last week, the free Pokemon Go smartphone game that overlays play on the real world has triggered a craze tinged with obsession.
24.03.2016 16:56 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is set to enforce a ban on smartphones in the workplace for police and government workers in an effort to prevent information leaks, according to a document that was itself leaked,
05.01.2016 20:10 Internet
Global app usage soared in 2015 as a growing base of smartphone users found new ways to use their devices.
27.10.2015 13:23 Companies
Facebook, making a bigger push to deliver personalized information to its members, said it was expanding its mobile alerts to include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates.
08.10.2015 14:41 Companies
Google laid out a plan to make tapping into news on mobile devices faster, keeping eyeballs on stories and people visiting websites.
29.05.2015 12:50 Science, Technologies
Google's updated Android mobile software seeks to make the smartphone smarter, while keeping the search titan relevant in a world where people rely on apps on the go.
14.04.2015 10:16 Science, Technologies
A new device that can be added to a smartphone may be able to accurately and cheaply diagnose cancer, a technology which could be useful in remote areas.
02.03.2015 12:41 Companies
Several big Asian phone companies launched new high-end smartphones and other wireless gizmos, hoping to challenge US giant Apple in a big year for wireless gadgets.
11.02.2015 13:37 Companies
Apple became the first company to reach a market value of $700 billion.
14.01.2015 15:39 Companies
Google on Wednesday began turning smartphones into real-time language translators -- of both written and spoken content.
29.11.2014 11:32 Gadgets
Germany said Friday it had approved Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry's purchase of data encryption firm Secusmart.
17.10.2014 14:59 Internet
The rise of smartphone use to access the Internet, and slowing clicks on ads, cut into profits by Google in the third quarter, the company has revealed.
09.10.2014 17:29 Gadgets
Taiwan-based HTC unveiled its newest smartphone with high-resolution cameras on both sides to appeal to people who take "selfie" pictures.
01.10.2014 13:01 Gadgets
Microsoft offered its first glimpse of its Windows 10 software that it hopes delivers a winning formula for powering tablets and smartphones.
24.09.2014 15:06 Gadgets
South Korea's Samsung launched the latest version of its oversized Galaxy Note smartphone earlier than expected.
16.09.2014 10:33 Gadgets
Google launched a $105 smartphone in India, taking aim at emerging markets as part of an initiative called Android One.
09.09.2014 15:48 Gadgets
Apple pulls back the curtain on its latest innovations, amid frenzied anticipation over new big-screen iPhones.
09.09.2014 12:35 Gadgets
US online giant Amazon said it was selling its "Fire" 3D smartphone in Germany and Britain as it cut the price of the handset for US customers.
30.08.2014 11:22 Internet
Facebook said it is dabbling with letting members using smartphones or tablets search for past posts of friends at the leading online social network
25.08.2014 15:53 Companies
Zerde smartphone designed by Kazakhs from Urumqi, China may enter the international market.
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