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11.05.2016 18:55 Crime
A tonne of man-made "jellyfish" has been seized by China's police, adding a new ingredient to the country's long recipe of fake foods.
03.12.2014 13:24 Internet
Facebook Argentina was ordered to pay a firefighter one million pesos for failing to comply with an order to delete insulting fake profiles of the plaintiff.
23.05.2014 09:57 Art, Books
A Chinese museum has been ordered to close after thousands of its historical exhibits were found to be fake, state-run media said on Thursday.
13.12.2013 18:04 Crime
Renowned wine collector Rudy Kurniawan forged some of the finest vintages in the world, a series of French experts told his New York fraud trial Thursday.
10.12.2013 13:35 Crime
Star Indonesian-born wine dealer Rudy Kurniawan went on trial in New York Monday, accused of blending ordinary wines into fake vintages in his California kitchen to sell to wealthy collectors.
14.06.2013 18:32 Crime
Celebrity Chicago chef Charlie Trotter was sued Thursday for allegedly selling two collectors a large bottle of wine that was supposedly highly valuable but in fact was a fake.
05.02.2013 16:48 Health
Africa, India and other developing countries are awash in fake or sub-standard drugs for tuberculosis, fuelling the rise of treatment-resistant strains of TB.
13.09.2012 11:06 Crime
Implicated by the wand of a "bogus" bomb detector, Hassan became one of hundreds detained in Thailand's insurgency-racked south because of equipment that experts say is useless.
12.09.2012 12:24 Science, Technologies
Scientists on Wednesday reported they had invented an invisible tag using the widely-used "quick response" code to help thwart banknote forgers and criminals who sell bogus drugs or fake vintage wine.
08.08.2012 18:22 Strange News
Canada's crackdown on immigration fraud has unwittingly snared a Portuguese man living in the country for 32 years who said Tuesday he is being deported over an administrative gaffe.
31.07.2012 12:20 Art, Books
A young star of American journalism has acknowledged he concocted quotes from Bob Dylan in his best-selling biography of the American folk legend.
30.07.2012 16:58 Internet
The New York Times, which famously insists on the accuracy of its reports, was red faced Sunday after being fooled by a hacker's posting of an online editorial under the name of ex-boss Bill Keller.
20.07.2012 12:29 People
An American fugitive who has been missing and "wanted" since he deserted the US Air Force in 1984 has turned up in Sweden where he has been living under a under a new identity for nearly three decades.
19.07.2012 10:21 Gadgets
Global policing body Interpol announced Tuesday a pioneering initiative to crack down on trade in fake goods, using an app developed with the help of search giant Google.
09.07.2012 19:07 Crime
Australians have been fleeced out of more than Aus$113 million (US$115 million) in the last five years by complex fake investment schemes run by overseas criminal gangs.
01.07.2012 10:04 Military
North Korea may have put fake versions of a new missile on display at a major military parade this year, UN sanctions experts said in a report.
11.04.2012 14:46 Crime
A Pavlodar citizen was apprehended in suspicion of running of an underground shop for production and sales of counterfeit notes.