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22.10.2015 15:36 Entertainment, Style
A judge dismissed a case against Jay Z in which the heir of an Egyptian composer claimed the rapper illegally used a flute sample in his hip-hop classic "Big Pimpin."
01.01.2015 11:54 Crime
Five Guantanamo detainees have been released to Kazakhstan.
02.07.2014 14:42 Companies
Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by its creditors in the United States.
19.05.2014 18:39 Education
One third of Bolashak scholarship holders who were charged for academic failure appeal against the decision.
10.05.2014 11:54 Internet
An appeals court on Friday breathed new life into Oracle's big-money lawsuit against Google by ruling that software commands can be copyrighted just like classic books.
25.04.2014 10:58 Cinema, Music
A US judge threw out Wednesday a lawsuit by Quentin Tarantino seeking $1 million from a gossip website for helping leak a screenplay for his latest planned movie.
16.04.2014 13:53 Laws, Initiatives
Two employees of Hong Kong-based Phoenix television and a job applicant filed suit Tuesday against the company in New York after allegations of sexual harassment against its former bureau chief.
16.04.2014 10:01 Cinema, Music
Michael Jackson's 83-year-old mother Katherine has agreed to pay over $800,000 to tour promoters AEG Live for costs incurred to defend a failed lawsuit she brought, lawyers said.
14.03.2014 16:25 Companies
US workers accused fast-food giant McDonald's of systematically stealing wages through illicit practices like forcing them to work off-the-clock and failing to pay overtime.
07.03.2014 16:27 Environment
Atyrau oil refinery has been changed with a fine of nearly $132 million over environmental pollution.
22.02.2014 17:06 Companies
Kazakhstan is compelled to bring Australian sick cows supplier through diplomatic channels.
21.02.2014 20:08 Finance
Kazakhstan won $3 billion in international arbitrations in 2013.
20.02.2014 17:58 Internet
An exclusive Japanese bar is suing a foodie website, arguing that unwanted publicity from a review is damaging its operational strategy of being little-known and hard to find.
08.02.2014 11:21 Cinema, Music
A Canadian hard-rock band says it sent the Pentagon a $666,000 bill after a former Guantanamo Bay guard alleged that the US military used their music to torture detainees.
07.02.2014 09:57 Cinema, Music
A lawyer for Tom Cruise poured scorn on a $1 billion lawsuit alleging that filmmakers stole a screenwriter's work to create a blockbuster "Mission: Impossible" film, calling the legal action "bizarre."
06.02.2014 16:18 Health
In the United States, pre-packaged foods loaded with artificial ingredients and chemicals can make it onto grocery store shelves boasting the label "natural."
22.01.2014 13:20 Laws, Initiatives
Six same-sex couples filed suit against the US state of Florida Tuesday for refusing to let them marry.
10.01.2014 15:37 Politics
French President Francois Hollande told AFP Friday he was considering legal action against Closer after the magazine said he was having an affair with an actress.
28.12.2013 13:21 Crime
The Turkish government is ready to consider Kazakhstan’s claims against Turkish Qualitum Tour company.
23.12.2013 11:03 Companies
Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group has won a lawsuit against US jewellery group Tiffany & Co over a failed joint venture to jointly design and market luxury watches.
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