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16.04.2013 14:59 Emergencies
Kazakhstan citizen living in Boston told Tengrinews.kz about the blasts. The student from Almaty was 3 minutes walk away from the accident site.
16.04.2013 09:43 Crime
Two explosions in Boston, Massachusetts, kill 3, injure at least 130. Federal authorities are classifying the bombings as a terrorist attack.
11.02.2013 13:55 Crime
Los Angeles on Sunday announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of an ex-cop accused of "domestic terrorism" in a murder spree that has claimed three lives.
22.12.2012 12:55 Crime
Canada added Iran's Quds Force to a list of terrorist groups on Thursday, saying the elite special operations unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard had been arming the Taliban, Hamas and others.
29.11.2012 11:56 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan National Security Commission is thinking of a more efficient way of jailing convicted terrorists so that they do not spread their ideas among other prisoners.
15.10.2012 17:24 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan President’s Advisor Yermikhamet Yertysbayev shared his opinion on establishment of an anti-terrorist commission in Kazakhstan.
03.10.2012 14:02 Crime
Three citizens of Atyrau oblast were arrested in suspicion of ivolvement in terrorist activities and commitment of other crimes as part of an organized group.
12.09.2012 17:02 Crime
5 terrorists dead, 1 officer heavily wounded in near Atyrau. The police operation is linked to the recent explosion in the Kazakhstan city.
11.09.2012 16:42 Crime
Police has arrested suspects in connection with the recent blast in a private house on Moldagulova street in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.
23.08.2012 14:50 Crime
Regardless of whether an Oslo court sentences him to prison or closed psychiatric care, Norwegian gunman is set to spend his days at a specially-adapted high-security prison.
31.05.2012 12:49 Unrest
The conference called Consolidation of Community and State in Countering Terrorism: New Approaches and Principles was held in Astana.
28.03.2012 10:36 Crime
A trial started in Atyrau over criminals accused of terrorist attacks in October 2011.
09.02.2012 14:14 Crime
National Security Department arrested 6 terrorists in Uralsk.
09.01.2012 16:32 Crime
The criminal group eliminated by police in Taraz was planning another terrorist attack in the town.
27.12.2011 15:52 Crime
New circumstances of the terrorist attack on November 12 have been discovered.
05.12.2011 09:36 Crime
In 2005 Shymkent-born Andrei Mironov plotted to blow up the city akimat (mayor’s office) to harm the unfaithful.
31.08.2011 17:07 Crime
We had all the reasons to apprehend them on suspicion of planning of terrorist attacks: Prosecutor.
30.08.2011 12:47 Crime
The group planned terrorist attacks in Atyrau Oblast and other regions of the country.
04.08.2011 16:02 Politics
The list of 20 most dangerous countries of the world in terms of the possibility of terrorist attacks is led by Somali.
02.08.2011 14:58 Kazakhstan
Head of Interior Ministry Department thinks that theology experts should be made part of anti-extremist teams.
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