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29.04.2015 01:35 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Investments and Development plans to continue lowering the mobile phone tariffs in Kazakhstan.
29.10.2013 14:40 Strange News
A Beeline representative tweeted that the Kazakhstan Interior Ministry had been activating jamming equipment in Aktau.
14.05.2013 16:50 Markets
Kazakhstan has gained 23 lines in the WEF's Networked Readiness index since last year.
18.02.2013 18:47 Crime
Thanks to be new development a stolen cellphone can be completely blocked and made inoperable in any of Kazakhstan's networks.
05.02.2013 21:25 Markets
Kazakhstan's cellular operators have promised to lower their mobile communications rates.
04.01.2013 14:51 Markets
Kazakhstan cellular operators gave statistics of phone calls and messages on New Year days.
07.12.2012 16:40 Industry, Infrastructure
If the cellular operators continue working as bad as they do now in Astana, we will disgrace ourselves: Nazarbayev.
22.08.2012 13:24 Industry, Infrastructure
4G will be available in all cities and big towns of Kazakhstan by 2015.
12.07.2012 13:53 Markets
Cellular rates in Kazakhstan have been halved during 2009-2012 thanks to axing of the connection fee and reduction of the interconnect rate.
28.05.2012 17:03 Laws, Initiatives
A real competitive environment has to be created and new cellular operators have to be involved to reduce the cost of mobile communications: Seitsultan Aimbetov.
22.12.2011 17:55 Companies
TeliaSonera bought 49% of GSM Kazakhstan Ltd from Kazakhtelecom national communication company.
14.10.2011 10:22 Internet
Cellular operators are planning to provide 3G coverage in Astana and Almaty, as well as in all the oblast centers of the country by January 1, 2012.
09.09.2011 18:11 Markets
Prices of Kazakhstan cellular operators decreased significantly in the past year.
07.09.2011 12:22 Markets
Kazakhstan has the highest cost of mobile communications among post soviet countries.
13.06.2011 19:21 Kazakhstan
The cost of voice calls between Kazakhstan cellular operators will be 40 percent lower by 2015.
10.06.2011 15:57 Kazakhstan
Launch of 4G in Kazakhstan was discussed at the briefing of the 3rd annual forum IT/Telecom-2011 on June 9.
20.05.2011 10:18 Finance
Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed Minister of Communications and Information to work out a way to lower the costs of cellular communication.
19.05.2011 16:32 Markets
GSM Kazakhstan owned by KazakhTelecom will decrease the rates for on-net voice calls.