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Kazakhstan residents made 93 million calls on New Year night 04 января 2013, 14:51

Kazakhstan cellular operators gave statistics of phone calls and messages on New Year days.
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Kazakhstan residents made around 93 million cell phone calls on the New Year night and sent around 18.5 million text messages, Tengrinews.kz reports citing PR departments of major Kazakhstan cellular providers GSM Kazakhstan/Kcel, Beeline and Tele2. Users of Kcell and Actov made 13.7 million calls in the first hour of the new year, which is 1.5 million more than in 2012. "The rate of successful calls made 99 percent on December 31 and 98 percent on the new year night. Kcell users made around 44 million calls in the first 4 hours of the new year, which is 8 million more than last year," Director of Kcell Information-Communication Technologies Department Vyacheslav Penskiy said. Representatives of Beeline told that the total time of the new year phone calls of their users made 1.8 million minutes, which is over 39 million calls. The most number of calls was made in the first hour of January 1: over 11 million calls, which is 3.6 percent more than last year. "A complex of measures helped us ensure stable operation of the network during the holidays and our clients were able to congratulate their dear ones on the holiday without any difficulties," Technical Director of KaR-Tel (Beeline) Tungyshbek Battalkhanov said. Users of Tele2 cellular operator made over 10 million congratulatory calls on the new year night. "Compared to last year's figure of around 4 million congratulatory calls and around 1.5 million text messages, this year the number of calls and text messages almost doubled," representative of the company's press-service Nurken Khlykbergen said. On the New Year 2012 users of Kazakhstan cellular operators services made over 50 million calls and sent around 13 million text messages.

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