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Фото depositphotos.com Наука The best Almaty theaters: from classics to the underground Relaxing in Almaty is not only about going to the mountains, trying national cuisine, doing archery, and watching the starry sky. The megalopolis
19 декабря 2023
Фото depositphotos.com Наука What to do in Almaty with children: tips for tourists If you go on a trip with children, then the question arises particularly acutely: would they be interested in anything or how to keep them entertained?
15 декабря 2023
Фото Visit Almaty Наука Ski Resorts of Almaty City: the best ski slopes We can call ski resorts the essential winter entertainment in Almaty. You can get fascinating views of Trans-Ili Alatau, the purest mountain
13 декабря 2023
Depositphotos.com Наука Almaty art spaces that will definitely surprise you Almaty is a city where every building, every street is imbued with a creative spirit. It's time to immerse yourself in this amazing world of
08 декабря 2023
Наука Where can you enjoy views of Almaty City? Kok-Tobe and Medeu to Shymbulak Cableways Almaty is a big city at the foot of majestic mountains. One way to enjoy the magnificent views of Almaty landscapes is to ride the Kok-Tobe
22 ноября 2023
Depositphotos.com Наука From jazz to rock. Popular music cafes among tourists in Almaty Almaty is a center of Kazakh culture in general and music in particular. Famous Kazakh composers worked here. Almaty gave us the first musical
21 ноября 2023
Shutterstock.com Наука One Day of Adventure: The Best Tours Around Almaty A lot of breathtaking natural sights that are ideal for a one-day trip are all around Almaty. We will share with you where it is better to go
20 ноября 2023
Наука Festivals in Almaty: from marathons to ethnic music The largest metropolis in Kazakhstan is called "the largest" because it has a plentiful selection of events and locations. The surprising thing
16 ноября 2023
Фото depositphotos.com Наука How to get stress relief in Almaty: from nomads to jumper Every trip is like a cure for stress, tiredness, and buying new experiences. In this article, we will tell you how a tourist can utilize cortisol/let
12 ноября 2023
Фото Visit Almaty Наука Almaty mountains. Everything a conqueror of the Trans-Ili Alatau needs to know On the south side of Almaty city, there is a proudly rising Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. In translation from the Kazakh language - it is a motley
08 ноября 2023