What to buy?

Shutterstock.com Наука Craftsmen in Almaty City: where to buy souvenirs Almaty is well known not only for its unique nature but also for its creative atmosphere. Here, you can find designers’ studios and workshops.
30 ноября 2023
Shutterstock.com Наука Green Bazaar: what should tourists know before visiting it The Green Bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Kazakhstan. Trading in this place, namely in the square of Kuldzhinskaya (Makataeva), Torgovaya
21 ноября 2023
Фото www.shutterstock.com Наука What you cannot bring into Kazakhstan and what you cannot take with you, even if you want to Each country has rules about what can and cannot be imported and exported. In this article, we will talk in detail about what tourists can bring
17 ноября 2023
Фото www.shutterstock.com Наука Ten ideas on what to bring with you from Almaty Every year, Almaty City is recognized as the most popular city for tourists in Kazakhstan. Beautiful nature, cultural and historical sights,
16 ноября 2023
Visit Almaty Наука The largest and most popular shopping malls in Almaty City Where in Almaty, in one place, can you go shopping, eat food, go to the cinema, and, perhaps, take a break from the children by leaving them
08 ноября 2023