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Beeline says Interior Ministry jams signal in Aktau 29 октября 2013, 14:40

A Beeline representative tweeted that the Kazakhstan Interior Ministry had been activating jamming equipment in Aktau.
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Aktau residents have been complaining of being unable to put through cell phone calls and of poor quality of the cellular communication services in the city over the past several days, Tengrinews reports citing Lada newspaper. According to the city's residents, cellular services have been malfunctioning for several hours a day for four days in a raw. A representative of Beeline company - one of Kazakhstan's largest cellular providers - commented the situation in his Twitter: "We have figured out the cause of the poor quality of the signal: the Interior Affairs Department has been activating jamming equipment. (...) The problem is being resolved. Everything is going to be back to normal soon." Head of the Mangistau Oblast Interior Affairs Department Kairat Dalbekov commented the statement made by the cellular provider by saying that the Department was not jamming any signals and didn't even have the resources to do so. According to him the Aktau police has never procured any special equipment for cellular signal jamming and has not been doing any signal jamming.

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