Where to stay?

Фото: instagram.com/yurta_shymbulak Наука The best Kazakh-style hotels in Almaty Almaty is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Central Asia. Tourists here have a choice of establishments that reflect the richness of all
06 декабря 2023
Наука The best Almaty hotels, according to Booking Every year, Almaty attracts more and more tourists. Travelers come to the city for its picturesque winter resorts as well as other landmarks,
14 ноября 2023
Tenir Eco Hotel/Booking.com Наука With mountains view: Top Hotels Near Almaty In Almaty, you can admire the beautiful mountain views from almost anywhere in the city.Depending on your interests, you can choose a hotel
13 ноября 2023
Georgy Trofimov/Unsplash Наука How can a tourist choose a hotel in Almaty? Almaty City is the most popular city for tourists in Kazakhstan. Cultural and natural sights attract hundreds of thousands of travelers to the
06 ноября 2023