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Фото depositphotos.com Наука Top Instagram spots in Almaty If you didn’t post any travel photos, it is the same as if you didn’t have any trips. For those who think the same and love to take beautiful
18 декабря 2023
Фото shutterstock.com Наука Temples of Almaty: from a mosque to an underground church Not only is Almaty rich in the number of nationalities living here but also in the number of religions. Altogether, there are 17 of them in
17 декабря 2023
Фото shutterstock.com Наука Which museums are worth visiting in Almaty Almaty is the cultural capital of Kazakhstan, the cradle of the country’s independence, and a place where some of the most significant events
15 декабря 2023
Фото shutterstock.com Наука Which art galleries in Almaty City are worth visiting? Almaty is a space where inspiration is born. It is a place where art doesn’t have borders. Therefore, if you value art, we advise you to look
11 декабря 2023
Depositphotos.com Наука The best places for walking tour in Almaty Almaty aims to become one of the greatest pedestrian cities in Kazakhstan. Let’s talk about the best areas free from cars.
18 ноября 2023
© Shutterstock.com Наука Compote - memories of a one-story Almaty Compote is an unofficial name for several blocks located in the Medeu district. Its conventional boundaries are Satpayev Street, the Zharbulak
14 ноября 2023
Наука The spirit of Almaty in pictures: mosaics and sgraffito The biggest city in Kazakhstan can rightfully be called an open-air museum. In Almaty, there are about a hundred different monuments and even
10 ноября 2023