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©Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili Tiger campaign threatened by poor data: WWF Efforts to save the tiger are being undermined by a lack of information about how many of the endangered cats live in the wild, the conservation group WWF said.
30 июля 2014
Siberian tiger. Photo courtesy of Revival of extinct Caspian tigers in Kazakhstan A Caspian Tiger National Park may be opened in 2019.
11 июля 2014
Turanian (Caspian) tiger. Astana revives initiative to save tigers An Action Plan of reintroduction of the Turanian tiger in Kazakhstan was discussed during a conference in Astana.
03 июля 2014
©Reuters/Mick Tsikas Coal port plan will kill Great Barrier Reef: activists Conservationists on Wednesday slammed Australia's approval for an Indian firm to expand a major coal port on the Great Barrier Reef coast, warning it would hasten the natural wonder's demise.
11 декабря 2013
©REUTERS Cameras to track tiger numbers in Bangladesh census Bangladesh is to launch a census of tigers next month living in the world's largest mangrove forest in a bid to determine the full extent of the threat to their survival.
27 марта 2013
Australia failing UNESCO demands on Barrier Reef: WWF Australia insisted Friday that protecting the Great Barrier Reef was a top priority, but conservationists WWF said not enough had been done to prevent UNESCO deeming it a world heritage site "in danger".
02 февраля 2013
Mekong River. ©REUTERS New species, old threats to Mekong wildlife: WWF From a devilish-looking bat to a frog that sings like a bird, scientists have identified 126 new species in the Greater Mekong area, the WWF said Tuesday in a new report detailing discoveries in 2011.
18 декабря 2012
Asia fuels record elephant, rhino killings: WWF China, Vietnam and Thailand are among the worst offenders in fuelling a global black market that is seeing record numbers of elephants and rhinos killed in Africa.
24 июля 2012
Turan tiger that inhabited the territory of Central Asia long ago. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Kazakhstan makes a step to restore tigers The Ili River estuary and the Southern part of Balkhash lake were included into the Wetland of International Importance List.
15 февраля 2012
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