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Chinese police has been illegally detaining a Kazakh citizen for 2 months Vladimir Shust had an accident knocking down a resident of Chinese Urumqi. He was detained by the local police, but no charged have been brought against him.
28 июля 2011
Astana police revealed over 200 adepts of religious extremism Astana police held a special operation to discover adepts of religious extremism.
19 июля 2011
Danny Donovan. Photo from Denyakin's friend is receiving threats in US for giving details of the murder I have been threatened by certain people involved in this case: Danny Donovan.
18 июля 2011
Kirill Denyakin Kirill Denyakin was receiving threats shortly before he was murdered by US police officer Kazakhstan citizen Kirill Denyakin was arrested by Portsmouth police for chasing a girl named Nicoletta not long before his death.
12 июля 2011
Place of Kirill's death. ©Danny Donovan US Officer Rankin murdered Denyakin over a girl It turns out that Denyakin and officer Rankin knew each other before the deadly encounter.
11 июля 2011
Carlton F. Bennett (C). Photo courtesy of © Denyakin family's attorney requested $22 million from Portsmouth police Attorney filed a lawsuit against Portsmouth police for killing 26-year-old Kirill Denyakin. The first hearing is scheduled for the end of July.
04 июля 2011
Damaged car at the accident site. Photo by Chingiz Dzhumagulov© Policeman injured in Almaty accident in bad condition Deputy battalion chief of the Road Police Department Anuar Baitursynov, injured in the accident in Almaty on June 1, is in a bad condition.
02 июня 2011
At the accident site. Photo by Chingiz Dzhumagulov© Porsche Cayenne ran over a girl near the site of a traffic accident involving a police officer in Almaty Porsche Cayenne ran over a girl not far from the accident in Almaty involving a road police officer and a bus.
01 июня 2011
Kirill Denyakin Denyakin's mother received a letter from US Assistant Secretary of State The letter writes that the policeman Steven Rankin gave his testimony.
27 мая 2011
Kirill Denyakin Autopsy defined alcohol content in Denyakin's blood Results of autopsy tests of the body of Kazakhstan citizen Kirill Denyakin who was shot by policeman in the USA.
25 мая 2011
 ©REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach Portsmouth police unveiled the name of policeman who shot Kirill Denyakin Name of the policeman who shot 11 bullets into unarmed Kazakhstan citizen unveiled.
23 мая 2011
© Bolashak activists passed protest letter to Barack Obama Members of Bolashak movement gathered near the US Consulate General in Almaty to pass a letter to Barack Obama calling for a fair investigation of the death of Kirill Denyakin.
16 мая 2011
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky© Young people to picket US consulate in Almaty Young people from the Bolashak Movement will hold a peaceful picket outside the US Consulate in Almaty to pass a letter for Barack Obama.
16 мая 2011
Almaty road police Almaty policemen received new cars Akim of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yessimov gave officers of the city Department of Internal Affairs 159 cars.
16 мая 2011
Photo courtesy of Drivers may get fined for driving dirty cars in Karaganda Karaganda police might soon start fining drivers for driving dirty cars.
12 мая 2011
Kirill Denyakin Kazakhstan citizens wrote a letter to US authorities calling for punishment for Denyakin's murderer Kazakhstan citizens wrote an appeal to USA authorities calling for a thorough and fair investigation on the death of Kirill Denyakin.
11 мая 2011
Kirill Denyakin State police took over the investigation of Kazakh cooks shooting in US State police took over the investigation into the fatal US police shooting of an unarmed cook from Kazakhstan.
04 мая 2011
454 Green St. where Kirill was shot. ©Danny Donovan Kirill Denyakin's family will sue Portsmouth Police Department Family of Kirill Denyakin who was shot dead by a US police officer for banging on the door is going to sue Portsmouth Police Department.
28 апреля 2011
Kirill Denyakin. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Embassy in US identified Kazakh shot dead by US policeman The young cook from Kazakhstan shot dead by a US police officer for banging on doors in the building there his friend lives has been identified as Kirill Denyakin.
27 апреля 2011
Photo courtesy of Unarmed Kazakh shot dead by US police officer A young cook from Kazakhstan identified by friends as Kirill Suchin was shot dead in Portsmouth, Virginia, for banging on the door. The officer is being investigated.
26 апреля 2011

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