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US Officer Rankin murdered Denyakin over a girl 11 июля 2011, 14:45

It turns out that Denyakin and officer Rankin knew each other before the deadly encounter.
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Place of Kirill's death. ©Danny Donovan Place of Kirill's death. ©Danny Donovan
Kazakhstan citizen Kirill Denyakin who was shot in the United States knew the police officer Stephen D. Rankin who dubbed 11 bullets into him. Denyakin's friend Danny Donovan from the US wrote Tengrinews.kz a letter unveiling new details of Kirill’s murder. It turns out that Denyakin and Rankin knew each other before the deadly encounter. “Officer Rankin's roommate was dating Kirill's ex-girlfriend,” Danny Donovan wrote. This implies that the deadly outcome of the encounter may not have been accidental. It may have been a continuation of a long story of hatred or jealousy. The “prior acquaintance” must have been further aggravated by officer Rankin’s known proneness to violence. Stephen Rankin has also been violating local police rules by posting information discrediting law-enforcing authorities in social networks. And the profile image he used depicted a hanged man. His page is currently unavailable. According to Danny Donovan, Stephen Rankin had a number of violent images on his Facebook, a lynching with the title "Love is, doing whatever is necessary" photos of his guns with the caption "Mommy can we go out and kill tonight?"” This version of the story is supported by the fact that the policeman kept shooting at unarmed Denyakin even after he way lying flat on the ground dead. “Despite the fact he was shot 11 times, he was also shot while he was on the ground and after he died, in his back. He had a bullet hole through each hand,” Danny Donovan wrote referring to the results of the autopsy. Officer Stephen Rankin has also got friends to stand up for him. “A group of hateful people have taken to supporting the officer that killed my friend,” Danny Donovan wrote. The group of people gathered outside the City Hall of Portsmouth supporting the officer who shot Denyakin. Young people said that the officer is judged before the investigation is complete. “This is a good officer who’s proactive, who cares about his community,” they said. Not everyone familiar with the case share this opinion, nevertheless. “This man has only been an officer for 3 years, he needs to be in jail, they have allowed him back on the streets. He is still working and being allowed to be an officer with this looming over his head,” Donovan wrote. Foreign media also has it that Rankin is still working for Portsmouth police. Although earlier it was reported that he was suspended and was on administrative leave. Denyakins' attorney Carlton F. Bennett filed a lawsuit against Portsmouth police and claimed $22 million. According to Kirill's mother, Yelena Denyakina, the first hearing will be held end of July. “I will fly to Portsmouth, if necessary,” she said. “I am working hard to see justice done, as is my family,” Danny Donovan wrote. Danny Donovan wanted Kirill’s mother Mrs. Denyakin to know that “even in death Kirill has friends that still love him very much and we are working hard to see this matter brought to justice.” 26-year-old Karaganda citizen Kirill Denyakin was shot by the policeman Stephen D. Rankin in Portsmouth on April 23. Denyakin was unarmed, but the police officer made 11 shots killing him on the spot. Before the tragedy Denyakin had been working as a hotel cook for 2 years.

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