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Kazakhstan police to enhance security during Kurban-ait 05 ноября 2011, 10:37

Kazakhstan police will enhance security measures during Kurban-ait muslim holiday on November 6.
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Kazakhstan police will enhance security measures during Kurban-ait holiday on November 6, Tengrinews.kz reports citing head of Kazakhstan Interior Ministry’s press-service Oleg Ivaschenko. “Interior authorities is switching to robust security regime prior to and during celebrations of any holidays,” Ivaschenko said. According to him, Kurban-ait is not an exception, but there will be no additional measures taken, however. “This is a robust regime of a normal type.” Besides, Ivaschenko added that in relation to last events in Atyrau all regional divisions are switched to robust regime starting from November 1 for provision of law and order: security of important facilities is enhanced, number of road police stationery posts is increased, car checks for arms are being done. “I can say that the situation is stable, there are even less crimes that in the same period last year,” Ivaschenko said.

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