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Every third traffic accident happens because of ice on Astana roads 01 ноября 2011, 13:17

In Astana every third road traffic accident happens because of icy roads during winter.
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Photo courtesy of stat16.privet.ru Photo courtesy of stat16.privet.ru
In Astana every third road traffic accident happens because of icy roads during winter, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Mukhtar Issabayev, inspector of the Traffic Police Administration under the Internal Affairs Department. “According to statistics, every third road accident during winter time in Astana happens because of glaze ice,” Issabayev said in an interview on October 29. Accroding to the police captain, the violation of the basic traffic regulations and drivers' carelessness are the most frequent reasons behind road accidents. “A number of road accidents increases because of sudden drops of air temperatures that are typical for our region. The temperatures drops cause an icy crust to appear on the road, wheels start slipping and a cars start skiding. Driving a car on an icy road requires extra attention and skill. Drivers should slow down smoothly and in advance when making turns; this would help them prevent their cars from skidding. Icy roads significant lengthen the break path. Pedestrians, as well as drivers, should follow traffic regulations carefully,” the road policeman explained. He called everyone to be attentive and cautious. 370 road accidents have been registered in the capital of Kazakhstan since the beginning of the year. 64 people were killed and 367 injured in these accidents.

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