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Chinese police has been illegally detaining a Kazakh citizen for 2 months 28 июля 2011, 15:11

Vladimir Shust had an accident knocking down a resident of Chinese Urumqi. He was detained by the local police, but no charged have been brought against him.
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The Chinese policy neither presents charges nor lets the man leave the country. The situation has been this way for two months already. Vladimir Shust from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, made a car-pedestrian accident in the Chinese city of Urumqi two months ago, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports referring to the man’s wife Victoria Osadtsa. She says that Vladimir has been providing passenger transport services to Kazakh tourists visiting China. On June 6 he had an accident knocking down a local resident. “The guy’s friends came over and took him away from the site of the accident. We have no information whether the person received any medical aid, even whether he is alive or dead. Local police has shown as a certificate saying he was dead. But this version has changed several times already,” Victoria said. Vladimir’s wife told the press that Chinese policemen demanded her husband to pay $100 thousand. “When my husband said that he hasn’t got this amount of money they said they wanted $60 thousand, then they went down to $50 thousand. Then they told him to get the money from home and bring them in. He said he had five kids and he would never be able to raise such an amount of money,” she said. As a result Vladimir was put into a cell in the police station without having any changes brought against him. The he was transferred to a hotel room that he has to pay for out of his own pocket. Victoria also said that his working visa expired on July 7 and right now the fine is growing every day. The daily fine makes almost $100. She said that First Secretary of Passport and Visa Service of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan Yerlan Ibragimov “has filed a protest note on 13 clauses to the police, because Vladimir Shust hasn’t been registered in any of the policy lists,” but there is still no answer from the Chinese side. Another problem is that Vladimir’s lawyer Maksim Abramson cannot defend the interests of his client without an interpreter. “Unless he is provided a Russian-speaking layer there is nothing we can do to improve the situation. My client has filed official request, but it has been denied,” he said.

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