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Criminal case initiated against Kazakh citizen from Pavlodar detained in China 29 июля 2011, 15:57

According to the Kazakhstan consular agent in China investigation in underway and the Kazakh citizen may not leave the country.
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Chinese police has initiated a criminal case against Vladimir Shust from Pavlodar run over a Chinese citizen, Tengrinews.kz reports referring to the head of the Consular Department of Kazakhstan Embassy in China Kazbek Sarsembekov. “Our citizen who is the driver to the bus running between Pavlodar and Urumqi stroke and kill a man on a motorcycle who unexpectedly gunned into the road. The Chinese citizen died as a result of the accident. We are dealing with this issue since the very first day. Investigation is underway now, a criminal case has been initiated,” Sarsembekov said adding that the bike driver’s blood test showed that he was drunk. He said that Kazakhstan consulate in China is in talks with the Foreign Ministry of China, the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and with local police. According to the head of the Consular Department, the information that Vladimir Shust is held against his will and money is being extorted from him is not true. “The information about him being held against his will or any money is being extorted from him is incorrect. According to Chinese laws the parties are allowed to settle the situation through compensation of damages. It may be that the victim party is asking for large sums. But should there be a reconciliation of the parties, in can positively affect the court’s decision. And while the investigation is in process he may not leave the country,” the embassy representative said. According to Vladimir’s wife Victoria Osadtsa, Vladimir now lives in a hotel that he pays for out of his own pocket and there is a guard watching him. She also said that the killed motorcycler has already been buried and that they’ve paid all the related expenses that totaled $2000. Victoria said that initially the victim side was asking for $50 thousand as a compensation for damages, but they could offer only $10 thousand. She said that “there has been know visible investigation going on, even no questioning by the police.”

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