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Obama takes immigration reform to Supreme Court President Barack Obama's administration asked the US Supreme Court to uphold measures shielding around four million undocumented migrants from deportation.
11 ноября 2015
Photo courtesy of LGBT human rights: freedom or infringement in Kazakhstan? Article 19, the UK's human rights organization proposed introducing a concept of an anti-LGBT crime to the Kazakhstani Criminal Code.
24 октября 2015
Canada's Harper a no-show at Montreal's gay pride parade Huge crowds attended Sunday's gay pride parade in Montreal, including several candidates in the upcoming general elections, though Prime Minister Stephen Harper was conspicuously absent.
17 августа 2015
Pope urged to condemn gay unions as unnatural Nearly half a million Catholics have signed a petition urging Pope Francis to condemn same sex unions as unnatural and rule out allowing divorced believers who remarry to receive communion.
14 августа 2015
Australian PM stymies gay marriage push, for now Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said his government would remain opposed to gay marriage during the current parliament, but suggested the issue could be put to a popular vote after the next election.
12 августа 2015
Teen stabbed at Jerusalem Gay Pride march dies: hospital A teenage girl stabbed along with five other people at a Jerusalem Gay Pride march by a suspect identified as an ultra-Orthodox Jew died of her wounds.
03 августа 2015
6 stabbed as assailant repeats Gay Pride attack in Jerusalem: police An ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbed six Gay Pride marchers in Jerusalem, in a repeat of a 2005 attack for which he served 10 years behind bars.
31 июля 2015
Acapulco holds mass gay wedding on beach Twenty gay and lesbian couples got married in a mass wedding on an Acapulco beach, one month after Mexico's top court all but legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.
11 июля 2015
Married Sunday, fired Monday: next US gay rights fight Gay marriage may now be legal across the United States, but that doesn't mean people won't get fired if their boss sees the wedding photos.
04 июля 2015
Obama says gay marriage ruling 'victory for America' US President Barack Obama hailed the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, saying it shows social changes once thought impossible can become reality.
27 июня 2015
Iggy Azalea withdraws under fire from gay celebration Australian rapper Iggy Azalea canceled a performance at a US gay pride celebration after criticism over past remarks that were seen as homophobic.
09 июня 2015
Kiev gay rights march ends in injuries, arrests At least 10 people were injured and 25 arrested in Kiev as scuffles broke out between members of a rare Ukrainian gay pride march and their nationalist foes.
07 июня 2015
Australia faces gay marriage pressure Australia's opposition Labor party introduced a bill into parliament aimed at legalising same-sex marriage.
01 июня 2015
Australia PM promises 'full and frank' debate on gay marriage Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised a "full and frank" debate on gay marriage in response to an opposition-backed push for reform.
27 мая 2015
Ireland's gay marriage vote was "a defeat": Vatican daily The Irish vote in favour of gay marriage constitutes "a defeat" that highlights a gap between the Church and modern society.
26 мая 2015
Church unnerved by Ireland's huge 'Yes' to gay marriage The once-dominant Catholic Church in Ireland was trying to come to terms with an overwhelming vote in favour of gay marriage.
25 мая 2015
Ireland awaits count in historic gay marriage vote Ireland waited Saturday to learn the outcome of a historic referendum on same-sex marriage, with crowds of anxiously optimistic "Yes" supporters expected at Dublin Castle to hear the result.
23 мая 2015
Polls open for Irish referendum on gay marriage Polls opened in Ireland for a historic referendum on allowing same-sex marriage that is backed by all the main political parties but opposed by the Catholic Church.
23 мая 2015
Britain's parliament more gay and diverse after election With more female, gay and ethnic minority background lawmakers than ever before, the new House of Commons following May 7's general election has never looked more diverse.
18 мая 2015
Thousands in Chile's 'March for Equality' to support gay rights Thousands of people, many waving rainbow-colored flags, gathered in Santiago for a "March for Equality," pushing for Chile to acknowledge more gay rights.
17 мая 2015

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