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24.10.2015 12:21 Education
Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his doctor wife revealed plans to start a private school in a hardscrabble Silicon Valley town, mixing education with health care.
11.08.2015 19:15 Entertainment, Style
The Almaty Marathon, an annual charity event, invites healthy lifestyle lovers to take part in the anniversary run.
22.05.2015 14:23 Entertainment, Style
Red, clown-style noses sprouted like mushrooms on faces across America Thursday in a fundraiser to help needy children.
16.05.2015 15:01 Entertainment, Style
Former world boxing champion Evander Holyfield used ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a punching bag for two rounds Friday -- all in the name of good fun and charity.
27.04.2015 17:13 Entertainment, Style
Around 19 thousand professionals and amateurs ran in the 4th Almaty Marathon.
26.04.2015 05:23 Sport
The 4th Almaty Marathon will raise money to help an orphanage build a recreation ground for children with speech disorders.
17.11.2014 13:19 Health
Stars like One Direction, Bono and Chris Martin featured in the video for the new Band Aid single to raise money for anti-Ebola charities.
01.09.2014 11:38 Strange News
Japanese porn actresses raised thousands of dollars by having their breasts squeezed by fans at a "Boob Aid" charity event for AIDS prevention.
18.07.2014 23:40 People
Posters with coins of goodness have appeared on a number of Almaty bus stops.
17.05.2014 14:08 People
A Taldykorgan bakery gives away bread for free to those who cannot pay for it.
22.04.2014 13:43 Entertainment, Style
The Third Almaty Marathon has gathered $55 thousand for two sick Kazakhstani children who need medical aid.
02.04.2014 18:29 People
All the proceeds from the Almaty Marathon will be donated the the Children’s Oncological Department of the Pediatrics and Children Surgery Research Center.
22.02.2014 13:23 Entertainment, Style
Free Almaty Marathon trainings have started on February 22.
11.02.2014 11:20 People
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was America's most generous donor in 2013, giving nearly $1 billion of his fortune to charity.
04.01.2014 14:20 Entertainment, Style
The Almaty Annual Charitable Marathon, held since 2012, has gained an international status.
05.12.2013 18:17 Politics
Kazakhstan is in the 66th place in the World Giving Index (WGI) compiled by British Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).
04.12.2013 13:55 Art, Books
Still stumped for a Christmas present? Then what about an exquisite $1 million Picasso for the living room, yours for just $135 at an online charity raffle.
22.11.2013 15:42 Environment
A foundation set up by actor Leonardo DiCaprio pitched in $3 million Thursday to save tigers in Nepal, whose plan to double the big cats' population has shown success.
18.11.2013 12:20 Entertainment, Style
About three hundred kids staged a fundraiser in Nicaragua on Sunday and smashed a sweet Guinness Book record, baking the world's largest fruitcake.
31.10.2013 21:32 Entertainment, Style
A Kazakh souvenir has been sold for $5 thousand at the charity auction of the beauty contest Miss Universe 2013.
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