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If you are short on change take a coin of goodness: available on Almaty bus stops 18 июля 2014, 23:40

Posters with coins of goodness have appeared on a number of Almaty bus stops.
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Photo courtesy of organizers Photo courtesy of organizers

Posters with "coins of goodness" have appeared on a number of Almaty bus stops, Tengrinews reports.

The poster says: “Dear friend, you don’t have enough change for a bus ride? That’s okay, just take a coin of goodness!” Everyone who is short on change can take five tenge coins that are attached to the poster. It is very convenient since many Almaty bus riders face shortages of change when boarding a bus. Sometimes there is just no time to get change from a shop and bus ticket machines do not accept bills. At the moment, goodness coins can be found at 45 bus stops along Abai avenue.

The campaign was initiated by the Smile charity organization. Islam Usmanov, a member of Smile said that it was a spontaneous idea. The Smile team was thinking over things they could do to help Almaty folks and make them smile. The members of the charity organization had previously conducted a number of campaigns. The latest one was selling cookies to help homeless people in the city.

So if you are short of change take a coin of goodness. But if you have some change, why not share it with those who might need it?

Reporting by Aizhan Tugelbayeva, editing by Gyuzel Kamalova


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