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08.07.2016 17:23 Industry, Infrastructure
US oil giant Chevron announced Tuesday a $36.8 billion expansion project in Kazakhstan, the first major investment since the oil-price rout.
18.04.2016 14:51 Environment
US energy giant ExxonMobil is facing an onslaught from environmentalists and some shareholders including the Rockefeller Family Fund.
18.06.2014 14:43 Politics
Members of the Kashagan project have signed a memorandum with the Kazakhstan Government on stages of the oilfield's development.
07.06.2014 16:44 Companies
Exxon Mobil, an American major multinational oil and gas corporation and world’s third largest company by revenue, may take over as Kashagan's new operator.
08.05.2014 13:43 Companies
Kashagan project in Kazakhstan may get a new operatoring company in the nearest future.
10.04.2014 04:52 Industry, Infrastructure
Operations at gigantic Kashagan oilfield in Kazakhstan may be suspended for two years.
03.04.2013 12:12 Companies
Arkansas opened an investigation into an ExxonMobil pipeline that unleashed thousands of barrels of crude and forced the evacuation of 22 homes.
15.03.2013 01:03 Companies
According to Kazakhstan geologists, geological reserves of Kashagan are estimated at 4.8 billion tons of oil.
28.11.2012 19:36 Politics
Independent expert Olzhas Baidildinov of Kazakhstan has expressed his opinion on the news about ConocoPhillips intent to sell its stake in Kashagan to Indian ONGC.
24.05.2012 13:31 Politics
Kazakhstan President shared his views with the participants of the 5th Astana Economic Forum.
09.06.2011 13:51 Companies
Oil & Natural Gas Corp and GAIL India Ltd. are planning to buy part of ExxonMobil's stake in the project developing Kashagan oil field.