'Meteorite' smashes into Nicaraguan capital A mysterious explosion that rocked Nicaragua's crowded capital Managua, creating a large crater, appears to have been caused by a meteorite.
08 сентября 2014
Japan porn queens raise thousands of dollars from 'Boob Aid' Japanese porn actresses raised thousands of dollars by having their breasts squeezed by fans at a "Boob Aid" charity event for AIDS prevention.
01 сентября 2014
Chinese water parks with shocking number of people Videos taken in Chinese water parks have shocked the Internet users by the number of people that gather there.
30 августа 2014
'Swagger' Kazakh-style A recently opened restaurant in Almaty has caused quite a controversy: not because of its cuisine, but because of its parking.
28 августа 2014
India doctors remove foetus left inside mother for 36 years Doctors in India have removed the foetus that had been inside a woman for 36 years in what is believed to be the world's longest ectopic pregnancy.
26 августа 2014
Russian poetry and Kazakh music heavyweights in gay smooch The recent Kazakhstani ad showing a Kazakh composer and a Russian poet kissing has generated an outpouring of discontent in Kazakhstan.
25 августа 2014
'Suicide tourism' to Switzerland doubled: study A total of 172 "suicide tourists" travelled to Switzerland in 2012, to die with medical assistance -- a practice prohibited in many countries.
21 августа 2014
George W. Bush takes ice bucket challenge, dares Bill Clinton Former president George W. Bush took the so-called Ice Bucket Challenge in support of Lou Gehrig's disease research.
21 августа 2014
Chinese zoo unveils world's 'first' surviving panda triplets A Chinese zoo has unveiled newborn panda triplets billed as the world's first known surviving trio.
12 августа 2014
Take your cow for a drive in Pavlodar An tiny old Soviet car was spotted transporting a cow inside in Pavlodar. How the driver managed to fit the cow in remains a mystery.
11 августа 2014
Psychologist sends teen to plant bomb dummy in Kazakhstan hospital Khadisha Sapakova, a psychologist from a district hospital in Taskal village in western Kazakhstan, has put a teen up to bring a bomb dummy to her hospital.
11 августа 2014
India stray dogs to be part of security squad‎ Stray dogs roaming New Delhi may soon attend police training school with civic authorities planning to turn the animals into security dogs.
09 августа 2014
India's monkey men keep marauding macaques at bay A troop of marauding monkeys stops tearing up a New Delhi garden, as one of the Indian capital's sought-after "monkey men" swings into action.
08 августа 2014
Brutus the giant crocodile attacks shark in Australia Tourists in northern Australia have been left stunned by two fierce animals going head-to-head.
06 августа 2014
Pregnancy tests with 100% accurate positive results 100% positive pregnancy tests are now available in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.
06 августа 2014
Monument to Kazakhstan's budget? A recently installed fountain in a city park of Astana became an object of ridicule from Internet users.
02 августа 2014
China court hears first gay 'conversion therapy' case A Beijing court began hearing a landmark case on "gay conversion" treatment Thursday, as an activist in a nurse's uniform knelt over a patient, wielding a giant needle, outside.
31 июля 2014
Toasts and tears of joy as Germany started WWI It is past dusk when Wilhelm II uncorks the sparkling wine for his top army brass on August 1, 1914.
31 июля 2014
Australian mogul Packer gives away $188 million Billionaire James Packer, one of Australia's richest men, announced he was setting up a philanthropic foundation to give away Aus$200 million (US$188 million).
25 июля 2014
Surgeons remove 232 teeth from Indian teenager Surgeons in Mumbai have removed 232 teeth from the mouth of an Indian teenager in what they believe may be a world-record operation, the hospital said.
24 июля 2014

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