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Photo © Roza Yessenkulova Mother from Almaty gives birth to fantastic four A mother from Almaty has given birth to quadruplets.
14 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of Pregnant oil company employee threatens to jump out of window for non-paid salary A 5-month pregnant employee of Aktobe-based oil company Lines Jump LLP threatens to jump out of a window because she has not been paid any salary for months.
30 апреля 2015
©REUTERS Obesity in pregnancy puts child at diabetes risk: study Women who are obese while pregnant may put their offspring at risk of childhood diabetes, a condition that requires lifelong insulin therapy.
28 апреля 2015
The Sarbalin family. Photo © Aizhan Tugelbayeva Success of IVF in Kazakhstan: 10 thousandth baby born The Ten thousandth child has been born via in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in Kazakhstan.
22 апреля 2015
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. ©REUTERS Timberlake, Biel expecting first child: ex-bandmate Heartthrob couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are expecting their first child, Timberlake's former bandmate says.
17 декабря 2014
Kate makes first appearance since royal pregnancy Prince William's wife Kate made her first public appearance since her pregnancy was announced as she welcomed Singapore's President Tony Tan.
22 октября 2014
©REUTERS/Michaela Rehle Pollution in pregnancy linked to lung damage in child Women exposed to high levels of traffic pollution during the second trimester of pregnancy are at higher risk of giving birth to a child with weak lungs.
21 октября 2014
Photo © RIA Novosti Birth rate goes 25% up in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan has had an increase in birth rate and decease in mortality rate.
06 октября 2014
Ten of thousands march for 'family values' in France Thousands took to the streets in Paris and Bordeaux to demonstrate for what protesters called "traditional family values" and against assisted pregnancies.
06 октября 2014
Chelsea Clinton gives birth to daughter Chelsea Clinton announced Saturday the birth of her first-born child, daughter Charlotte.
27 сентября 2014
Thousands protest delays to tough new Spanish abortion law Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Madrid, accusing the government of betrayal.
22 сентября 2014
Prince William 'thrilled' at Kate's new pregnancy Britain's Prince William said Monday he was "thrilled" that his wife Kate is pregnant with their second child.
09 сентября 2014
Scarlett Johansson has baby girl US actress Scarlett Johansson has given birth to a baby girl with her French fiance Romain Dauriac.
05 сентября 2014
India doctors remove foetus left inside mother for 36 years Doctors in India have removed the foetus that had been inside a woman for 36 years in what is believed to be the world's longest ectopic pregnancy.
26 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Pregnancy tests with 100% accurate positive results 100% positive pregnancy tests are now available in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.
06 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Child's development card introduced in Kazakhstan by UNICEF and Ministry of Health Kazakhstani Ministry of Health in cooperation with UNICEF introduced an individual child development card.
14 июля 2014
Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag. © Sudan judge orders Christian woman to hang for apostasy A Sudanese judge on Thursday sentenced a heavily pregnant Christian woman to hang for apostasy, a ruling which Britain denounced as "barbaric" and left the United States "deeply disturbed".
16 мая 2014
©Reuters/Mariana Bazo Pregnant women have more car crashes in 2nd trimester: study A new study out Monday suggests a new hazard to consider while pregnant: driving.
13 мая 2014
Chelsea Clinton announces pregnancy America's former first daughter Chelsea Clinton announced in New York on Thursday that she is pregnant with her first baby, giving her parents Bill and Hillary a long-awaited grandchild.
18 апреля 2014
©Reuters/Stringer Italy IVF patient pregnant with wrong embryos A woman who underwent fertility treatment at a clinic in Rome became pregnant with the twins of another couple after their embryos were mixed up, press reports said.
14 апреля 2014

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