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19.07.2016 17:51 Unrest
Security forces in Kazakhstan arrested two men suspected of gunning down five people in attacks on a police station in Almaty.
08.07.2016 15:16 Unrest
Snipers shot dead five police officers and injured six others in Dallas during a protest against police shootings of black men on Friday.
24.03.2016 16:56 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is set to enforce a ban on smartphones in the workplace for police and government workers in an effort to prevent information leaks, according to a document that was itself leaked,
16.07.2015 18:40 Emergencies
In Kazakhstan's Uralsk, a Vaz 2110 car landed on the roof of a café during a police pursuit.
14.05.2015 10:16 Crime
American activist Michael Mohammed seeks contacts with the Kazakh government in order to "bring to justice" the police officer who killed a Kazakhstani citizen four years ago and a black man last month.
14.05.2015 06:32 Crime
Four years ago an unarmed man from Kazakhstan was shot dead with 11 bullets by Stephen Rankin. Now, a black man is shot dead on Walmart parking lot. By the same police officer.
27.04.2015 06:42 Crime
Mr Baimoldin, a 49-year-old Kazakhstani, is facing 6 months in jail for touching an Emirati policewoman on the shoulder in Dubai, UAE.
22.04.2015 18:40 Sport
Toni Morgan, the trainer of Gennady Golovkin’s opponent Willie Monroe Jr. has been arrested for dealing drugs.
26.11.2014 10:40 Politics
Kazakhstan is among the most policed countries in the world along with Italy, Portugal and Russia.
25.10.2014 21:26 People
In Uralsk, a family with three little children was living in a forest.
28.09.2014 22:24 People
A young man got lost in the Kyzylorgda Oblast steppes for five days until he was found by a rescue team.
12.09.2014 11:38 Emergencies
A young woman died in the car that fell into the river in city center of Aktobe.
10.09.2014 23:48 People
A British national has attempted to commit suicide in Aksai, Western Kazakhstan Oblast.
05.09.2014 18:24 Crime
Medieval traditions or not, but bride kidnapping continues in some parts of Kazakhstan. A bystander took a video of a failed attempt to kidnap a woman.
15.08.2014 17:28 Crime
A Kazakhstani citizen Ms. Asiya Kushenova has been arrested in the United States.
11.08.2014 01:05 Strange News
Khadisha Sapakova, a psychologist from a district hospital in Taskal village in western Kazakhstan, has put a teen up to bring a bomb dummy to her hospital.
27.07.2014 17:43 Laws, Initiatives
A nationwide anti-corruption movement Zhanaru was initiated in Kazakhstan in the beginning of this year.
25.07.2014 12:59 Emergencies
Two underage teens risked their lives for a beautiful photo in Astana.
21.07.2014 22:07 People
As the old saying goes “man’s best friend”, a toddler was saved by a mongrel dog in a forest.
29.06.2014 22:26 Crime
A worker of a company tried to stage a robbery.
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